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Used Honda Jazz Market Price

Used Honda Jazz Market Price - The market price of a used Honda Jazz apparently varies, in addition to depending on the condition of the car is different but the price of this car is also influenced by color, usually black in color is more expensive than other colors such as blue or red or even silver. Used honda jazz price is influenced also by the type of honda
jazz vtec variants are usually more expensive, while for the past 1-2 years Jazz RS be the most expensive variant.
The following price list honda jazz second
* Price Used Honda Jazz i-DSI AT 1500 cc 2004: Rp. 108 Million

* Price Honda Jazz i-DSI AT 1500 cc 2005: Rp. 115 Million
* Price Honda Jazz VTEC Sport AT 1500 cc 2005: Rp. 120 Million
* Price Honda Jazz i-DSI AT 1500 cc 2006: Rp. 120 Million
* Price Honda Jazz i-DSI MMC AT 1500 cc 2006: Rp. 120 Million
* Price Honda Jazz VTEC Sport AT 1500 cc 2006: Rp. 125 Million
* Price MMC Honda Jazz VTEC 2006 AT 1500 cc: Rp. 125 Million
* Price Honda Jazz i-DSI MMC AT 1500 cc 2007: Rp. 125 Million
* Price Honda Jazz VTEC Sport AT 1500 cc 2007: Rp. 132 Million
* Price Honda Jazz i-DSI MMC AT 1500 cc 2008: Rp. 132 Million

Market Price Used Avanza Xenia

Market Price Used Avanza Xenia - price of used cars has always been a question for consumers who want to buy a car, this time to review my car prices and car avanza xenia from the oldest to the latest, following the market price and the avanza xenia

Market price of Toyota Avanza
* Price Avanza G 1.3 (1300 cc) 2004: Rp. 100 Million
* Price Avanza 1.3 G Type 2005: Rp. Rp. 105 Million
* Price Avanza 1.3 G (1300cc) in 2006: Rp. 110 million
* Price Avanza 1.3 G type in 2007: 115 million dollars
* Price Avanza 1.3 G type 2008: 120 million dollars
* Price Avanza 1.3 G in 2009: 125 million dollars

* Price Avanza 1.3 G in 2010: 130 million dollars
* Price Avanza 1.3 G in 2011: Rp. 135 million
* Price Avanza 1.3 G in 2012: Rp. 140 million
* Price Avanza 1.5 G AT in 2012: Rp. 155 million
* Price All New Avanza Velos in 2012: Rp. 160 million
* Price All New Avanza 1.3 G in 2013 (New): Rp. 165 million
* Price All New Veloz 1.5 in 2013 (New): Rp. 190 million
Market Price Daihatsu Xenia

* Price Daihatsu Xenia 1.0 2004: Rp. 80 million
* Price Daihatsu Xenia 1.0 in 2005: Rp. 85 million
* Price Daihatsu Xenia 1.3 Xi in 2005: 95 million dollars
* Price Daihatsu Xenia 1.0 li in 2006: 90 million dollars
* Price Dai

Market Price Suzuki Katana

Market Price Suzuki Katana - Suzuki katana is one of the jeep or SUV most wanted, sweet body and the ability to pass through heavy fields makes this car prices never go down, the car fans also continue to grow with the incorporation of car owners in the club-club
katana in Indonesia, this time to summarize my car prices used car suzuki katana from the oldest to the latest, the following is a katana market price:
* Price Suzuki Katana 1986: 32 million Euro
* Price Suzuki Katana 1987: Rp. 34 million
* Price Suzuki Katana 1988: Rp. 36 million
* Price Suzuki Katana 1989: 38 Million Euro
* Price Suzuki Katana 1990: Rp. 40 million
* Price Suzuki Katana 1991: Rp. 42 Million
* Price Suzuki Katana 1992: 44 Million Euro
* Price Suzuki Katana 1993: 46 Million Euro
* Price Suzuki Katana GX 1994: 48 Million Euro

* Price Suzuki Katana GX 1995: 50 Million Euro
* Price Suzuki Katana GX 1996: 52 Million Euro
* Price Suzuki Katana GX 1997: 54 Million Euro
* Price Suzuki Katana GX 1998: 56 Million Euro
* Price Suzuki Katana GX 1999: 58 Million Euro

Truck Mitsubishi Fuso Colt Diesel FE 73 110 Ps

Truck Mitsubishi Fuso Colt Diesel FE 73 110 Ps - automotive lovers looking for the truck? This time my car will review one of the mitsubishi truck output Truck Fuso Colt Diesel FE 73 110 Ps. The car is quite reliable both in terms of personnel, sales, purchase price and spare parts. This car is suitable for an individual business or transporting goods for large volume
such as farm products and industrial products. Fuso Truck This type is less suitable for transporting heavy goods such as metals and other minerals such as mining, stone, sand, cement and others. To lift heavy items with larger type there are other types that Fuso Colt Diesel FE 74 HD 125 Ps we will review it later on FE 74 HD 125 Ps.
Truck Fuso Colt Diesel FE 73 110 Ps is the cheapest truck variant that uses 6 wheels, version mitsubishi truck is the cheapest FE 71 but only use 4 wheel where it is most influential on the strength of the car carrying the load. For power (performance engine) car truck FE 73 has the same specs with the 110 FE 71 Ps (horsepower), a power of 110 PS This is the smallest car from Mitsubishi for the type of truck types, but is very fulfilling if only for SMEs only his car was definitely more economical and less than powerful.
Truck Mitsubishi FE 73 is sold only + machine + head + wheel chassis, meaning the mitsubishi sell this car without the tub where it will facilitate customization to the buyer to choose the type of bath (timber, box, iron, ironing open / closed etc. other). Truck dimensions without the body is to have a total length of 5960 mm, width of the car is 1870 mm and 2130 mm high car (rather long not 6 meters), this car has a minimum turning radius of 7 meters. Colt Diesel FE 73 car has a wheelbase of 3350 mm and has a ground clearance of 20 cm height, in general exterior dimensions of the car which has a fuel tank capacity of 100 liters is quite large with sufficient payload capability.
Features in the cabin Mitsubishi Colt Diesel FE 73 is fairly well equipped with air conditioning, audio system, power steering and tilt steering make the car handling is light and comfortable. Car gear lever is also quite convenient to use because it uses a type of upright attached to the dashboard of a car, have a pretty good drawer with a soft drink on the dashboard. In the cabin can accommodate 2 to 3 passengers with seat belts 2 pieces (one for driver and one for the passenger next to the driver), part of the chair can also be set upright or not to add to driver comfort while long journey.
Engines and Performance
Mitsubishi Fuso Colt Diesel FE 73 110 Ps is wearing cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 3908 cc, capable of producing maximum power of 110 ps at 2900 rpm and has a torque of 28 kgm (about 275 Nm) at 1600 rpm Rp

Installing Car Solar Film Qualified

Installing Car Solar Film Qualified - Installing window film car today has become a necessity in the car, especially the second car where the function is actually quite a lot of window film include:
1. Sun protective
2. Protect the view from outside the car (safety car related)

3. Strengthen auto glass structure
4. Soothing view of the driver or passenger
5. Beautify your car (what if the glass quality movies)
6. etc.
With so many functions of automotive window film that lovers should be careful in installing window film or selecting an appropriate quality and budget needs-owned cars, now available in the market many types of window film from a high quality up false. Automotive lovers should be wary with this false, fake film because it will not provide protection in accordance with the wishes of automotive enthusiasts as temperatures remain hot despite being installed, or highlight a fluorescent lamp, blocking the view and others.
Some of the ways that can be used in avoiding fake film:
* Check the brand or logo printed window film, window film which is often not fake logo or print neatly in the window film brands.
* Note the ink film, fim-quality glass having a uniform thickness of the same ink, so that if exposed headlights will not break the light.
* Change the color of the glass fil car, the original car window film will remain unchanged in 3 months while for the fake film will change color (dull) within 3 months
* Check the thickness of the film, a quality window film has a thickness of 1.5 to 1.7 micro and stiff to the touch. while the fake window film typically has a thickness smaller and more flexible (very flexible)
* Glass fake movies usually have a price below standard, automotive enthusiasts do not be tempted by the price offered. (See quality)
* Ask for an official warranty card, usually the original film has an official guarantee.
The following are tips on choosing a quality window film by:
1. Know

Tips on Car Brakes and Steep Winding Mountain Road

Tips on Car Brakes and Steep Winding Mountain Road - automotive lovers who like to mountain areas must have known very well the problem tracks winding climb or descent, for those who still lay on the road like this would have to understand how to do the proper braking at the track meet as Here you are. Some things that
automotive lovers should note the current through the winding road down to the character continually menenus is:
1. Look at the condition of the road as far as possible or as large as possible to reduce the deceleration is sudden (fast), do slow down in the flat or sloping surfaces.
2. Take advantage of the engine brake (transmission), using a car with a manual transmission will be very useful when the car in a state like this, the use of transmission (gear) appropriate to reduce the car's speed and ease working brake (brake) on the car.
3. Do not step on the brake with continuous (use the engine brake), if the brakes in a continuous stampede the disc can be heated (the temperature increase in the brake system) in which it can reduce the quality of the sudden braking when needed.
4. If the driver feels the brakes are not able to work with a maximum (happens fading brake) car driver better rest while eating first :-) (30 minutes to 1 hour) so that the temperature dropped and the position of the brake into metal (pads, discs, brake fluid, and etc.) to be normal. avoid cooling the components in a way flush water as it can damage the components

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Cause brebet machine on Cars

Cause brebet machine on Cars - Car brebet and this happens often enough to bother us on the way, because usually after the car brebet cars sometimes stop or even stomping. Brebet on cars in general are caused by disruption of the ignition system and fuel supply system, we will try to identify from
Where did this brebet that could eventually overcome this problem brebet.
Ignition system

If your car brebet then first check that the car ignition system which is linked to the ignition system coil car, car spark plug wires and spark plugs. Usually the car ignition is less than perfect due to the leakage of fire (ignition) which we know it can be a way to check at night (dark conditions), turn on the engine and look for leaks where the location of the fire (usually visible). If a leak automatic ignition engines can not burn all the fuel entering the engine (ignition is not enough) so that the car be brebet.
Signs Ignition leaking car is if the car is started and the driver do the gearshift and then brebet symptoms appear, it is an indication that the ignition poor who can not afford to burn all the fuel going into the engine, the result is an oversupply of fuel.
Fuel System

Distinguishing Fake and Original Oil

Distinguishing Fake and Original Oil - Choosing oil is a pretty important thing in your vehicle or car, for example the lack of proper oil viscosity grade oil or material will greatly affect the performance of the engine (performance) even oil that does not fit can damage the components in
car engine which would you spend to fix it.
Basically, according to the author there are 3 things to consider in choosing oil, among others:
1. Customize your car with oil material specification car, for example, for racing cars typically use synthetic oil because it has more capabilities in terms lumbrikasi, if for commercial cars typically use mineral oil because it is more durable and does not easily evaporate read
2. Adjust the oil code to the specifications requested by your car, engine oil specification is usually listed on the car's manual. it is associated with the viscosity or viscosity cars. For old cars in the 90's for example the oil is different from the cars in 2013 which is related to engine technology continues to evolve, if the old car with the oil given current technology it is possible to decrease engine performance (so use oil code to the specifications requested cars) read
3. Avoid fake oil, according very dangerous fake oil in a car engine, because the oil has certainly false kualitMenghilangkan Dew on Main Lamp Headlamp - automotive lovers may often experience this, the presence of moisture in the headlamp or car headlights. Entry of moisture in headlamp often happens when we finished the trip with ekstris weather such as cold, foggy roads and heavy rain.
In essence this is the cause of dew temperature difference on the inside of the headlamp with the outside air temperature.
Ways to eliminate moisture or water spots on the headlamp is easy:
1. open the hood
2. check that there are air holes on the back of the lamp housing (if clogged air holes)
3. if the vent is not clogged then the next step is removing the moisture through the turn signal, turn signal dislodged (rotated clockwise)
4. under conditions of open pit turn signal, headlamp switch on approximately 20 to 30 minutes, then the moisture will evaporate and exit through the hole turn signal
5. if you want more quickly, he could use the vacuum cleaner is turned on to suck up moisture through the turn signal hole
This moisture if left or not removed for a long time would risk making the yellow headlamp, what more if the lights are made of plastic auto wah yellowing so quickly once the main headlights to be ugly and the quality is declining

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as far away from the original could even damage the engine. The fake oil viscosity has an irregular degree, from which oil was also not taken into account so that the oil in the specification will be different from the outer packaging. If the auto lovers is to identify the fake oil then do not put the machine, the better disposed and buy new oil at an authorized dealer or repair shop that has a good reputation.
In this regard it will discuss how we can know whether the oil is genuine or fake by the way apart. The following is how to distinguish fake oil with original oil:

* Checks da fake oil

Distinguishing Fake and Original Oil

Distinguishing Fake and Original Oil - Choosing oil is a pretty important thing in your vehicle or car, for example the lack of proper oil viscosity grade oil or material will greatly affect the performance of the engine (performance) even oil that does not fit can damage the components in
car engine which would you spend to fix it.
Basically, according to the author there are 3 things to consider in choosing oil, among others:
1. Customize your car with oil material specification car, for example, for racing cars typically use synthetic oil because it has more capabilities in terms lumbrikasi, if for commercial cars typically use mineral oil because it is more durable and does not easily evaporate read
2. Adjust the oil code to the specifications requested by your car, engine oil specification is usually listed on the car's manual. it is associated with the viscosity or viscosity cars. For old cars in the 90's for example the oil is different from the cars in 2013 which is related to engine technology continues to evolve, if the old car with the oil given current technology it is possible to decrease engine performance (so use oil code to the specifications requested cars) read
3. Avoid fake oil, according very dangerous fake oil in a car engine, because the fake oil certainly has qualities that are very far from the original could even damage the engine. The fake oil viscosity has an irregular degree, from which oil was also not taken into account so that the oil in the specification will be different from the outer packaging. If the auto lovers is to identify the fake oil then do not put the machine, the better disposed and buy new oil at an authorized dealer or repair shop that has a good reputation.
In this regard it will discuss how we can know whether the oil is genuine or fake by the way apart. The following is how to distinguish fake oil with original oil:

* Checks da fake oil

Caring for Rubber and Auto Glass

Caring for Rubber and Auto Glass - Rubber on the often dirty windshield causing the windshield to be sluggish or difficult to be raised or lowered, it is common in the used cars are old enough. Symptoms drag on the car glass can be caused by conditions that have rubber
no longer optimal, usually rubber cracked or broken, it could also be caused by dust on the rubber car.
This time will give you tips on how to clean the dirt on the car window rubber, fairly simple way, the following tools and materials used
* Plastic Bottle
* Hose small
* Brush your teeth
* Wipe clean
* Clean water
* Shampoo
Here's how to clean rubber car door:

1. Lower auto glass and windshield rubber coat coat with enough water, a little brush with a toothbrush. Water used is clean water that entered in plastic bottles which end of a plastic bottle with a hose connected
2. After that lap dirt with a clean cloth
3. Mix the shampoo to the water in the bottle so that the water and blend shampoo, then shampoo as drops ar was on the rubber in the car door that had been in the last lap. After the shampoo water dripped evenly, rubber brush with a toothbrush that had dirt (dust crust) also faded, after sudh dirt wipe again with a clean cloth to dry and was prepared clean

4. At this stage the rubber is clean and glass will be easier to go up or down, if you want a more slick could be covered using SAE 10 oil with higher levels (using the still new), keep the rubber hose to smear with oil and do not forget the lap.
Caring for car rubber

All New Kia Sorento Features and Specs

All New Kia Sorento Features and Specs - All New Kia Sorento SUV is the latest car in april 2013, a group including all-terrain vehicle with a considerable stock of features and modern in comfort, security (safety), engine performance, entertainment and others. This car though classified in type SUV but has the ability
quite well in the fields on the road (do not lose comfort), the concept of all-new Sorento seeks to provide a balance between offroad and onroad trips with 50:50 percent (still comfortable on paved roads, but can be driven on off-road terrain).

Some excellent features (premium) to offer this car as panoramic designs in cars, dual climate control with air conditioning, adaptive headlights (when turning), internet and audio systems that support a variety of devices such as AUX and Ipod. Another advantage is the power of this car is capable of delivering up to 176 PS of maximum power at 6000 rpm engine speed (including powerful example than the All New Fortuner VNT only has a power 144 hp), maximum torque of 23 kgm at 3750 rpm engine speed. With a powerful combination of engine performance and support for features like comfort on the car is targeted at executives who have a solid level of mobility where the car is also claimed to be as comfortable as a sedan, we'll know more later after discussing with depth.
All New Sorento dimensions length 4685 mm, width 1885 mm, height 1700 mm, and has a wheelbase of 2700 mm (fairly large car), all-new Kia Sorento has a maximum passenger capacity of 7 people and is able to carry loads up to 100 kg of goods.

This car design first saw was impressed gallant and high ground clearance on cars (like) so impressive that this car is a car adventurers, the difference is quite pronounced with another SUV is is design for

Daihatsu Luxio Convenient for Families

Daihatsu Luxio Convenient for Families - Daihatsu Luxio is a MPV car low end (lower class) is pretty good its features. Daihatsu Luxio itself is basically a refinement of the Daihatsu Gran Max MB which improved the suspension system or the legs of a car (comfort), Interior (AC, seats, power windows, audio system, etc.), as well as the car's exterior dimensions and features such as lights and so forth.

Differences Luxio and Gran max quite a lot especially on the side of comfort and security, while the second equation is the car I use the machine 3SZ-VE DOHC VVTi engine in which the ability or power both cars are the same, but a matter of convenience Daihatsu Luxio is better of the Daihatsu Gran Max.

Daihatsu Luxio have excess cars that have dimensions large enough compared gran max or another MPV car-Samai up this car can seat up to 11 people. Daihatsu Luxio has dimensions of length 4165 mm, width 1665, height 1915 and Ground Clearance 18 cm in which it is different from the gran max which has dimensions 4405x1665x1900 with a ground clearance of 16.5 cm. This difference results in Luxio passenger capacity of more than gran Low max and other MPV that can carry a larger family.
Daihatsu Luxio than has advantages in terms of other dimensions of Low MPV also has the advantage of using the passenger door design sliding door, it is easy for passengers in and out of the car also makes it easier to insert large enough goods to be loaded into the car cabin.
From the design of the car even though the car is superior to the large dimension but this car does not have a design that is quite stable at the moment is at high speed, the cabin is too high and bongsor body design makes the car difficult to penetrate the speed of 120 km per hour which if imposed the substantial risk (eg as a car exposed to wind, and unsteady voice sounds noisy car tires once inside the cabin)
Significant change of gran max is the suspension system at the front where Luxio been wearing McPherson Struts with coil and stabilizer (used on All New Xenia rear) and rear suspension Luxio to wear 5-axle rigid link with coil where the gran max suspension without a stabilizer, for Alloy Wheels Daihatsu Luxio already using Alloy Wheels with tire sizes bigger than gran max so that the car is also more stable. Daihatsu Luxio also been equipped with fog lights (fog lamp) to illuminate the road as it passes through the extreme weather for gran max whereas without this fog.

Learning to drive a car Matic Driving Tips

Learning to drive a car Matic Driving Tips - Setaleh the previous article we discussed about how to learn a manual transmission car this time we will continue to learn to drive a car matic, if automotive enthusiasts have never learned to drive a car with a manual transmission will not experience
difficulties due to simply adjust or adapt, this car has a different matic transmission system only with a manual car. Most automotive enthusiasts do not have to know the basic functions on the gear teeth or matic car.
In cars with matic transmission, there are 4 kinds of clutch lever position include:
N - D - D2 - L - P - R

N: It is neutral, the position of the car does not go forward or backward though the gas pedal in stampede
D: It is the position of the teeth that is used to advance on the path that tends to flat
D2: clutch lever is used for road climbs or derivative
L: Used for very heavy terrain (steep slope or derivative)
P: Used for parking (it could be as bad)
R: Used for backward
Here's how to learn driving (driving) cars matic:
1. Automotive enthusiasts can hit the brakes in advance to start the car, make sure the gear lever before turning it usually is in P (park)
2. After the engine starts automotive enthusiasts can move teeth into position D if you want to go forward and to R if you want to retreat
3. If the lever is moved for example to D, and slowly release the brakes after the brake pedal off the gas
4. Automotive enthusiasts can also move the gear lever to D2 when going through the rise long enough, if automotive enthusiasts running on very heavy terrain (on manual cars gigi1), automotive lovers can wear the gear lever L
P is used for the transmission lever so that if the car park to use it

New Daihatsu Xenia Price and Specifications

New Daihatsu Xenia Price and Specifications - Daihatsu Xenia is a 7-seater MPV car underclass issued since 2004, car sales are almost the same with Avanza MPV market-leading low end since issued, in the year 2012 was issued last updated version of the Daihatsu Xenia the All New Xenia. All New Xenia remains essentially an earlier concept as a cheap car that is able to bring a lot of
passenger, the only change made to the design of the exterior and interior of the car while the machine does not change.
Although the change is only in the design xenia but this will only make the xenia appear more alluring that many consumers want to have this car, what price is offered cheap enough that between 130 million (lowest version) to 185 million (highest version). Here is a picture for pricing details daihatsu all new xenia on the road in 2013

Automotive enthusiasts also must be smart if you want to buy this car what more if you buy a used car xenia because the type and price of the car All New Xenia is very varied, there were 14 new variants are sold in Xenia Daihatsu dealer price range is pretty good. Note the correct variant All New Xenia before buying, and then match it to the over-priced.

All New Daihatsu Xenia has a different exterior design with daihatsu xenia (predecessor) xenia changed almost the entire body (slimmer) ranging from the design of the front lights (headlamp), fog lights, bumper design, the exterior design of the car to the rear of the car. Several design advantages over its predecessor All New Xenia (xenia) is:
* Stylish Headlamp, where the headlights look more stylish and has a level pencahay

Radiator or Coolant Cleaning Car

Radiator or Coolant Cleaning Car - The radiator is a cooling system that uses water in the temperature reduction method (cooling), this radiator is generally used on either machine heavy equipment, motorcycle and car (we specialize in car radiator). Absolutely necessary in order to treat the cooling system is able to provide optimal performance for
cool the engine temperature, engine temperature is too high or the heat is not good in the performance of the car and if the radiator is not working properly often overheat the engine (this happens usually when the car broke down and needs to cool down).
Car radiator problems often occur on dirt clogging / sticking on the inside of the radiator so that the cooling water circulation becomes blocked and the process of heat transfer machine is also not optimal, this crust is usually attached as a result of sediment carried by the water or the ingress of dust into the inside of the radiator , if the automotive enthusiast quickly feel the heat and cooling machines less than the maximum it would not hurt to try to clean a car radiator. Here are tips on how to clean the radiator or easily

* Key Pas sizes 10, 12, 14
* Lap Cloth
* Brush Plastic
* Screwdriver plus and minus
* Water
* Shampoo
* Detergent (used for method II)
* Cleaning the floor tiles (used for method I)
* Cleaning liquid radiator (used for method III)
How to clean radiator how I (using ceramic cleaners):
1. Remove the radiator using a wrench car
2. Drain water by opening the radiator cap slowly first, then open the radiator drain
3. Close the radiator drain back holes (could be tied with rubber), after meeting
4. Pour the liquid floor cleaner, let stand 15 to 30 minutes
5. Remove the floor cleaning fluid that has been mixed with dirt (crust), the rinse with water 2-3 times and make sure to clean the remnants of the floor cleaning.
6. Drain, then reinstall and fill with clear water faucet taps / wells / other
How to clean radiator way II (detergent)
This method does not need to remove the car radiator,
1. Drain the radiator water first
2. Refill the radiator with water, mix the detergent in the radiator and let the lid open
3. Turn the gas engine and gas play slowly at low rpm (

Causes of Burned Car Automotive Tips

Causes of Burned Car Automotive Tips - Cars burning has become a phenomenon that often occurs several months later, and a few cars like avanza xenia reported burning at several locations, on this occasion will give you tips to know the cause of a car on fire in order to avoid a similar incident occurred.
In principle, a car is made up of material (material) such as rubber flammable,
cloth, plastic, foam, oil, high temperatures, gasoline and diesel oil. Cause of the fire on the car in general is caused by 2 things that disturbances in electrical systems and disturbances in the fuel supply system. It is also caused by several conditions that trigger fires as shock, high temperature, impact and others.
Here are the cause of a car on fire:
* Cable chipped, chipped cable is due to the friction caused by the shock to peel the rubber protector on the cable, over time the condition of the cord without protective rubber rubbing can cause sparks that usually smell sangit
* Cables are not suitable sizes, cable sizes smaller than normal can cause further heat on the cable which can burn rubber cable protector
* Bolt-on battery, battery bolts on a less tight can also cause heat and trigger a fire on the car, close the bolt fastening the battery
* Slang leaking fuel, gasoline hose leakage is common in the used car lot where the car also uses the fuel hose is made of fiber cloth
* Carburetor, air filter condition normally open lead from gasoline vapors out through the carburetor and the air filter can catch fire when the temperature is high or there is a spark
* Oil leaks, leaking oil at high temperatures is highly flammable if exposed to spark, check the leakage that occurs especially if adjacent to the cable
* Power on the cable plugs leak, it also raises the potential that could spark into flame when burning gasoline vapors.
* Fuses are not seseuai, use of improper fuse may cause overheating which could cause a fire in the car. use the appropriate fuse and make sure the fuse is in place to avoid the heat that occurs
In addition to the above matters, the following is a condition that allows the car on fire:
1. Shocks on the car that often lead to oil spills such as oil, gasoline, brake fluid, etc.
2. Shorted to mennimbulkan sparks that can burn combustible materials such as gasoline, foam, rubber, fabric, etc.
3. Collision, this often happens when a car collided and decided slang fuel or fuel component damage causing leakage
4. High summer temperatures also pose a potential burn desires of gasoline (petrol vapor) or oil, this usually occurs in car exhaust parts 

Caring Car Wiper and Washer

Caring Car Wiper and Washer - automotive lover would want a wiper that can provide maximum performance when needed for example in case of heavy rain or when the car passes a tough track like muddy. Windshield wipers are basically used to clean the water can also be used
cleaning other objects suddenly stuck on the glass while in transit such as splashes of mud, leaves, bird droppings, tree sap or another.
Caring for the windshield wipers can not be separated from the car washer water sprayer required before use of wipers in dry conditions, use of washer serves to lubricate the rubber wipers that do not memberet windshield. Water spray with accuracy sufficient quantity needed for wiper work optimally, given the many we encounter on a used car washer water are often not issued even though the electric pump is still working normally, here's how to care car washer.
Caring Car Washer

* Check the condition of the water tube washer. Most of the used car is dirty water tube crust caused by the indiscriminate filling of water, sediment and old age menupuk car. If there is a crust using a clean brush
* Fill the water in the washer tube using distilled water (battery water with blue cap), the use of distilled water can minimize the occurrence of sediment or impurities that cause the crust. Mix the distilled water with wiper fluid liquid that serves water and lubricate the rubber wiper will sweep, do not use ordinary soap which causes blockage of drains washer
* Check the spray direction and the quantity, if the quantity is too little water penyemrot clean nozzle with a pin. If the nozzle does not give proper directions directed spray nozzles using the needle, essentially clean and adjust the nozzle with a needle in order to function normally
Case of problems with the washer, the handling is as follows:
1. Disconnect the hose that is on the bottom of the reservoir, press the washer switch and check that the water can flow. If not then try to check the drain hose washer on the inside of the hood.
2. When the switch is pressed possibilities pump still does not work, if this is the case check the connectors or cable connections that led to the electric pump
3. Check also the connection piece of functional T dividing the quantity of water sprays

All New Mazda6 Sedan with Latest Technology

All New Mazda6 Sedan with Latest Technology - All New Mazda6 is a sedan type car that was issued by Mazda Motor Indonesia this month of April in 2013, the car is equipped with the latest technology many call it the I-Stop technology (which had embedded in
Premium MPV car with the limited edition Mazda Biante i-stop), i ELOOP technology the car braking system by taking the kinetic energy of the vehicle speed to be stored as electrical energy that can be directly used in electrical devices (such as lights, wipers, and other audio- other), and a variety of the latest technology which we will consider.
Mazda6 design takes the concept of Motion Kodo-SOUL meaningful balance between the exterior design of the human emotions, modern design with an emotional appeal to the car (a hybrid of human and machine) is the concept of the product offered mazda All New Mazda6 Sedan.
This car looks to have a solid body means converges on all elements of the exterior with an emotional appeal that is strong enough on the experience of driving a fast and elegant sedan. The first time I saw this car we will be on view 4 things the car legs (wheels and tires), headlamp and foglamp design front grille, body height and the roof of the car. At the foot of the car is equipped with 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels (very stable for high speed). Served on the front grille and bumper design with a very sporty car with a plus elegant aesthetic curves and the curve-curve has a function that supports the lighting performance car. Headlamp design that looks a bit narrow but able to give a light beam wider than other cars thanks to the bumper design that fits headlamp and foglamp All New Mazda6.
On the body as a whole features ekste

Car engine vibrate or White Smoke

Car engine vibrate or White Smoke - Problems often occur in a car engine is a decrease in engine performance such as power / acceleration, greater vibration machine, until the appearance of white smoke to car exhaust. This time we will discuss about how to identify the symptoms and damage to the machine through a little examination.
It often occurs in car engines are crippled engine and white smoke, engine limping here means
there is an imbalance in the combustion chamber (cylinder) in which the car engine car typically has 4 or more cylinders, if 1 of the 4 cylinder engine is problematic to say limp. This crippled the machine can be caused by several things such as dead plugs, clogged injectors, compression pressure that is weaker on one cylinder.
While the release of white smoke in the exhaust caused by wear of automobile components piston rings or valve seals, wear of piston rings or valve seals will cause the leakage of oil from the engine combustion chamber to the engine so that the oil caught fire, and the result of the burning of the oil is white smoke coming out through car exhaust.
Discharge of white smoke and the conditions that crippled car engine usually makes compression in the combustion chamber (cylinder) car is reduced, if the compression is reduced, the combustion of fuel becomes ineffective, and wasteful of reduced energy fuel. To know where the damage or problems with the machine, we will identify the compression.
Following the decline affecting compression engine:
* Cylinder Head Gasket leak or burn
* Cylinder Block cracked
* Piston cracked or perforated
* Seal leaky valve
* Cylinder Head Block cracked or warped
* Valve leak
* Ring Piston worn or leaking
To know which cylinder is leaking pressure (decrease compression) can use the compression gauge Compression Tester, as the pressure records for diesel and petrol cars different compression diesel cars which is much larger than a gasoline engine, the following principle: 

Overcome Car Overheat Overheating Strike

Overcome Car Overheat Overheating Strike - automotive lovers often encounter or even having a car suddenly breaking down due to overheating (overheated engine), so the car overheating are common on cars that were forced to do work continuously (without a break) on track -heavy track
such long trips, mountainous terrain or uphill road, carrying heavy loads, and others.
Overheated cars are usually more experienced on the cars that old (old enough) like suzuki carry, daihatsu zebra, bison, etc. despite the possibility of a new car will overheat when driven without stopping on the track / road heavy. Used car is often a tendency to overheat because some components terawatnya
so that it becomes easier to overheat the car than the car is as new condition, below are some of the causes (particularly auto components) so that the car be overheating or heat:

* Leaks radiator, radiator leak will drain the water in the radiator or at least will reduce the volume of water in a car radiator, if the volume of water in the radiator is reduced, the ability of the radiator to cool the engine the car will be greatly reduced, so that our car would be easier overheating (overheating)
* Close the radiator is less than perfect, it can result from damage to the radiator cap or radiator automotive enthusiasts forget to close the car while filling the radiator water. Not closing the radiator will make water quickly drains well because spurting out and evaporation, whereas if faulty radiator cap will also cause the loss of backup water supply if the water in the radiator out.

* Conditions radiator hoses, radiator hoses are old enough to lose the ability to drain the cold water and the heat from the radiator to the engine or vice versa, make sure the radiator hoses in good working condition and installation.
* Less than optimal radiator fan, radiator fan serves to channel air into the radiators for water mendingnkan radiator which then flowed into the machine. If the radiator fan is dead then the hot water will be hard to be cool that function by the engine cooling radiator to be greatly reduced, weakly rotating fan also cause frequent occurrence of overheating or heat the car.
* Pump water radiator not be

Compared Matic Car Manual Advantages Disadvantages

Compared Matic Car Manual Advantages Disadvantages - Cars matic and manual car? automotive lovers may want to review the transmission system again about the car today, so if we know the first car with the transmission system (gear shift) is done manually
using the clutch pedal and the clutch lever in the last 20 years gearshift system (gear box) on the car has been updated with the automatic transmission system known as auto matic.
Technology matic automatic transmission on the car has improved a lot since the last 20 years, most
we do not know the 3 types matic transmission that exist to this day where the latest technology we are familiar with the Double Clutch Gearbox matic transmission, we will first discuss the types matic transmission:

1. Semi Automatic transmission, the transmission system does not use a clutch pedal, although the position of the teeth will still be moved manually, but the driver does not need to step on the clutch pedal
2. Automatic transmission, the transmission system is included in a conventional automatic transmission. The transmission system uses 3 important parts Torque Converter namely, planetary gear units and hydraulic control unit. On the transmission system all components included in the transmission fluid / fluid (oil), known as ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), which uses the car's automatic transmission fluid can usually be seen from the transmission lever using the OD (ie lock button to move the position of the lever transmission of position "P" or the parking lot). 

Easy ways Checks Used Car Suspension

Easy ways Checks Used Car Suspension - Check the suspension on a used car can be done in various ways ranging from a fairly complicated way to a simple or easy, this time will give you some tips or how easy (easy) check or
check suspension (shock absorber) used car, here are his tips:
1. View posture car / car while high on perkir or placed on a flat or a flat, high see if the car leaning to one such car right front leg (good suspension is evenly distributed on all four wheels). Check one by one the distance between the tires with the car body, measure and equate the right front tire to the left of the front tires, rear tires equate the right with the left rear tire (tire typically has a distance to either side of the same car body / symmetric).
2. Cheque bounce power (mental) Shock or suspension car, press one by one the corners of the car down, good suspension when pressed gives mental power or the same bounce.

3. The third easy way is to check the bottom of the car (suspension / legs), check if there is oil seepage or dripping wet suspension. If there is visible oil likely leaked oil suspension.
4. Check the steering system especially related to wheels, entered the wheelhouse (engine off), turn the steering wheel to the right and left to feel for any cracks or oblakan (free play) is large, the fewer the better free play system link with the steering wheel.
5. Start the car and tried to run past the speed bump, shock bouncy feel (swing car) as it passes through bumps bumps, if the swing car (bouncy shock) only once means shock is still good, if many times or many means shock requiring repair
6. Voices also check the current passing through potholes or bumps, usually on suspension problems often found sounds (gluduk-gluduk)
For more tips about the suspension of this car has a lot we review, please see the previous articles. Trims
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AnonymousTuesday, May 28, 2013 at 8:36:00 PM AKDT
Om, mo wondering shock front wheels of my car is not the same distance from the body height. What should I do it? Thanks enlightenment. Abu - holy

Knowing how to Used Car Collision

Knowing how to Used Car Collision - Knowing a car is a used car requires precision collision or foresight, knowing the former collisions especially important for automotive enthusiasts who want to buy a second car or used. Influence car
the former collision not only on the car price will drop but also the convenience of use. collision split into 2 types namely mild tambrakan (nyenggol) and heavy collisions (hard collision) which is a mild collision collision with car speed not exceeding 40 km / h and the extent of damage level or slightly scratched bumper car body, while the hard collision is a collision at speeds above 40 km / hour with frontal and damage the structure of the car body and also damage the car frame.
This makes the car hard collision is said to deform so that is no longer comfortable ride, uneven paint color (less aesthetic), the body becomes asymmetrical as somewhat difficult to close the car door or outside noise from getting into the car, the car has a tendency to turn one direction, some functions become less car like brakes and steering systems, and much more used car collision impact this (depending on the damage).
This time we will try to review how to tell a good used-car collision collision light (nyenggol) or hard collision, we have to check out include:
1. Check the front of the body (hood) and rear (trunk), usually in the car is the most frequent collisions, see the paint on this section which used car if the paint is different collision with the side of the car or the top of the car likely experienced car crash . See also plate (body) behind the paint usually if there is a collision former marks of word-magic of turning the body in the paint (highly visible)

2. See section front and rear glass, the original glass is usually a cap automobile manufacturer.
3. See the placement of glass on glass rubber is perfect or not, can be seen physically usually if the glass is not original car manufacturer looks different, or can be done by spraying water on the rubber glass if water seeps into the air

Overcoming Happens When Understeer Oversteer

Overcoming Happens When Understeer Oversteer - Automotive Lovers of course familiar with the state of losing control (handling) on ​​the car while driving, there are two kinds of terms in the loss jhandling namely:
1. Understeer: a loss of control caused by the reduction in front tire traction, we could feel the understeer is when the wheel is difficult to control (not according to our wishes) or often said to be the front tires slip.
The tendency of the car will run straight though we've steered, cause a variety of starting speed, road conditions or in the corner. This would be very dangerous understeer when the driver panicked so not even control the car but could not control the car instead of panic or impaired concentration.

2. Oversteer: is losing control of the car due to the rear tires having to grip the asphalt shortage (opposite Oversteer), the car had a tendency to oversteer the turn (rear tire spun), if this happens the car will turn but its direction can not be determined which is very dangerous if it turns into a dangerous example to the right or to the brink. It will be dangerous if the driver panicked and one anticipates.
Understeer occurs when
If the automobile lovers experience a loss of control (tire grip) then the best part is the following:
1. Immediately slowed the pace car until the front tire traction recovered
2. Do not turn the wheel again (add a steering wheel rotation), this will cause the car understeer more
3. Gas cars slowly or gradually reduced
4. Stir round reduced

Oversteer occurs when
In the event of oversteer then the tips (how to solve) the driver can do is:
1. Do not add brake
2. Hand position should not be detached from the steering wheel (for control)
3. Prepare "countersteer" bend but do not reply to retaliate with excessive
4. For rear wheel drive car, reduce the pressure of the gas pedal
5. for front-wheel drive car, the driver can add gas to taste
6. Point your eyes focus on a point on the go
7. the latter prepared to restore the position of the steering wheel on track 

Suzuki Baleno Used Car Offers

Suzuki Baleno Used Car Offers

Suzuki Baleno - Lovers Automotive surely still remember the sedan car output Suzuki 1996 to 1999 "Suzuki Baleno", is the sister car of the Suzuki Esteem been reviewed in a previous article. Was the star in the late 90's because the car is quite reliable engine and has a suspension problem
which is quite good at that time I myself have felt this car.
Early emergence of this car as a successor esteem is preferred because it has been equipped with features that are fairly complete from power steering, tilt steering, central door lock, electric mirrors, electric windows, seatbelts on all seats. 2000's second generation car Baleno out called Suzuki Baleno Next G, then back out the 2003 version of the latest Suzuki Neo Baleno Baleno, but for this time we will discuss more Suzuki Baleno course
Excess Suzuki Baleno

Exterior Baleno
The car carrying the 1600 cc engine in which the cylinder capacity 1600 cc engine is said to have enough power, acceleration of this car is best among suzuki sedan even when compared Baleno Next G.
Baleno fuel consumption is not too extravagant combination of the road 1:11. Suzuki Baleno is quite competitive when compared to other cars in the same class Baleno, at least between price and quality comparison Baleno car for sale pretty cheap.
Baleno car models or body is also still quite pretty so there are many who are interested in this car. In the interior of the car is also quite comfortable with the extent of making the car cabin passengers in the car menrasa not claustrophobic.
Baleno engine also known reliable and stubborn. As long car course this car more and more have a lot of problems when compared with when he was still new, the next is the lack Suzuki Baleno

Interior Suzuki Baleno

Weakness Suzuki Baleno
Baleno weakness is most commonly experienced in the legs of a car, the car's suspension is due to several issues need to be addressed as per the already soft, audible sound when turning or on uneven roads, meaning that if this drive should be careful if you do not m

All New Avanza has Airbags

All New Avanza has Airbags - latest info about again surprised the automotive world with the addition of airbags on the All New Avanza variants namely the All New Avanza Velos. Intense competition among automakers homeland has made toyota
enough thought to add features to its MPV Low car so as not to fall behind, especially in terms of safety, namely the presence of Suzuki Ertiga and Chevy Spin that previously equipped with better safety systems (airbags and ABS brakes).
Avanza has airbags are now officially on sale yesterday in the big city dealers like jakarta, while for small towns such as poor we still do not see this car. For other features dibenah is an improvement on the car seat with a cloth bandage over more qualified than ever so comfortable and soft, while the other features unchanged.

The addition of these airbags have an impact on increasing the selling price of the car about 3 million dollars from the previous, Avanza lovers certainly quite spoiled with the kind of safety features as airbags and ABS brakes while increasing the comfort of the car also improve the image quality becomes.
To see Specifications All New Avanza has previously we review here
As for seeing the rival of avanza also have our commentator at:
* Ertiga Matic
* Chevy Spin

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Private gas stations Tips and Pasti Pas

Private gas stations Tips and Pasti Pas - Automotive lovers may already know that many gas stations than stations owned by Pertamina (the government) also has a lot managed by the private sector, even the number of privately-run gas stations far more than the government's (Pertamina). Various opinions say that pumping gas at Gas Stations Government has better quality
compared to gasoline at the pump to fill the private good in terms of quality of gasoline (octane rating), the service, and some other things.
Although basically both premium and pertamax fuel in Indonesia in imports by the company that Pertamina will but not only pertamina retailernya are doing, even if an individual has enough money to make a 3-10 M pump. This makes the dilemma if the employer honestly does not matter to the consumer, if the entrepreneur has a few gas stations that are less good intentions to get a fast return on investment must be very detrimental to consumers.
Government and Private gas station code
The entire existing Petrol Station in Indonesia is divided into 3 based on the management and ownership, among others:
1. COCO (Corporate Corporate Owned Operated), which is owned by Pertamina gas stations run by Pertamina itself.
2. Codo (Company Owned Dealer Operated), the land use cooperation to build a gas station
3. DODO (Dealer Owned Dealer Operated), privately owned gas stations
we will try to find out whether the ownership of gas stations owned or privately-owned Pertamina, the ownership can be known by reading the code shown on the front neonbox usually red.
Of the 3 types of filling stations in the above, according to the majority of the best people is the number 1 followed by number 2 and the last 3 numbers, automotive enthusiasts can learn / Fuel to distinguish it from surrounding code and logo on Petrol Stations
Distinguishing Pertamina gas stations categorized or Private:
* Gas ​​station owned Pertamina (COCO) has a code number to two is 1

* Codo type pump or pump with DODO has a code number to 2 is 4
We only need to look at the numbers to 2 at the gas station code to distinguish the COCO with others.
Private-owned gas stations differentiate (DODO) with another (or Codo COCO), the way is to look at the logo Pasti Pas.
* Logo Pasti Pas pas

Sitting Position While Driving

Sitting Position While Driving - The driving position or known as Driving Position is set as ideal driving position possible while driving. Seated driving position associated with at least 4 things: safety, comfort, control,
Driving Safety
* Distance body with the steering system should ideally not too far and not too close, the distance is too much prone to lose control of the steering wheel, while the distance is too close will be difficult for the driver when maneuvering, especially to reach the closest distance to the steering wheel body. For cars with a narrow wheelhouse will be felt even less elbow room also.

* The ideal distance average is 25 cm, while I know we are the ideal distance to measure the furthest distance the steering wheel and make sure we can reach them, to make sure we reach the benchmark used to measure the wrist with the body furthest distance the steering wheel, the steering wheel is usually the furthest there at the top of the steering wheel (12 o'clock). adjust the position of the driver's seat so that the seat belt mounted though we still can reach the farthest position of the steering wheel.
* As much as possible put a hand on the 9 and 3 o'clock positions, it is associated with ease of maneuver when the hand position at 3 and 9 o'clock
* In the stir try holding your thumb is outside the circumference of the steering wheel, the thumb position on the steering wheel is quite difficult when needed immediate reaction, and prone to injury when road conditions are less good.
Driving comfort

Driving comfort is good enough to maintain the condition of the driver in top shape for a long time, it was time to travel far with quite a long time. Some of the things that became points, among others:
* The position of the hands, adjust the position of the hand in order to reach all possisi steering wheel (how like the steering wheel with a set distance above the body).
* The position of the foot, try bending the legs are not too tired because it is faster and less good blood circulation. Long distance is a bad idea because it can be difficult to reach when the clutch pedal, to measure the distance, when the clutch pedal heel position can still reach the cabin floor (right distance)
Control here include control over the external environment such broad visibility, and control over the car's interior instrument.
Try peng

How to Clean the Car Air Filter

How to Clean the Car Air Filter - air filter on the car is quite an important role in maintaining the energy generated by the car, because the car air filters are used to filter air entering the combustion chamber. Air quality can improve both engine performance power and engine life expectancy, good quality air is the air is clean (no dirt or dust) and air with cooler temperatures.

Air quality
The air is clean (no dust and dirt) will maintain a clean combustion chamber without intruding dust or other substances such as diesel fumes, polluted air can cause a heap of scaly patch on the cylinder wall where the car acceleration consequently be reduced because combustion is less than perfect . Another consequence caused if the air entering the cylinder walls are dirty should be cleaned frequently and have a risk cacadnya cylinder wall.
Air with low temperature (cold) would be better than a hot air because cold air has greater air density and have a greater oxygen content in the same volume of hot air. Sufficient oxygen can help in the process of fuel combustion in the combustion chamber so that the combustion of fuel becomes easier to do, otherwise if combustion can lead to substandard car brebet even less power or strike.
To get the cold air then the car must be equipped with a pipe CAI (Cold Air Intake), which is a kind of pipe that serves draws air from the bottom and cold at the same time it also makes it more before entering the filter. For the record cold air more gathered at the bottom (near the ground), it is associated with a specific gravity greater cold air and hot air are below. To get the cool air base CAI pipe should be placed as low as possible to the ground (usually mounted on the lower front bumper) is usually installed by an expert so neat.

In addition to clean air and cool the incoming air volume also affects the performance of the engine, the more air that enter, the better the combustion that occurs in the combustion chamber, to increase the volume of air that can enter using multiple options to modify the air filter.
Choosing the Right Air Filter
This time will compare car air filter types and Open Pod Drop In, open pod air filter has advantages in its ability to permeate the air with a large capacity, as a result of air entering the combustion chamber more than drop-in air filter what type of air filter is standard so the acceleration of the car (pull / power) is better than the drop-in air filter and Standards. 

Toyota All New Vios 2013 New

Toyota All New Vios 2013 New - Toyota in 2013 was re-doing a refresher on one variant of the sedan car Toyota All New Vios 2013, several changes were made to the exterior and interior of the car while the engine is still not changed for 2013, the All New Vios is a car Small Sedan and type in the category
car class B.
Changes to the exterior of the car is done is increase the volume in the cabin so passengers feel comfortable (roomy cabin) in the car, the exterior dimensions of the extended and enhanced where practical and cabin volume becomes larger. All New Vios new 2013 has dimensions of length 4410 mm, width 1700 mm and height of 1475 mm it is different from its predecessor (see: previous Vios). In addition to increased volume in the passenger cabin All New Vios relief recently also had a greater trunk volume than before, so in general the new Vios has more payload capacity.

In addition to the changes in the dimensions (size car) did not escape some exterior ornamentation of refreshment such as the front bumper, front grille, new headlamp design that uses multi-reflector halogen, 16-inch alloy wheels and others. The concept car is slightly changed from the previous converted into masculine feminine impressed at this latest generation of vios, vios impression all new masculine look of this 2013 design changes become more ferocious and have fit more, for the record weights All New Vios 1035 has not changed the kg to 1050 kg which this affects acceleration and fuel economy despite the larger dimensions of the new Vios.

Changes to the interior All New Vios 2013 most feel is placed control instruments such as the speedometer and tachnometer in front of the driver where the previous generation instrument panel is located in the middle, the reason Toyota is weighing input from various users loyal All New Vios earlier. Features on the new instrument vios 2013 interior is pretty much as follows: 

Honda Brio MPV Coming Out

Honda Brio MPV Coming Out - Honda will soon issue a new product to the class MPV cars under the Honda Brio MPV that competes with Avanza, Xenia, Suzuki Ertiga, Mazda and Chevrolet VX-1 Spin. Honda does not have a lower-class MPV cars at a price below 200 million despite memuliki Freed and Odyssey
were sold at a price of 200 to 400 millions. Low MPV car number below 200 million that came out in 2013, this makes Honda Prospect Motor not want to miss, launching Honda Brio MPV is scheduled to be released in 2014 that will soon be promoted to the possibilities out in the mid or end of 2013.
Honda Brio MPV will have a passenger capacity of 7 people with the interior features under honda freed, almost certainly the car is sold for between 150 million (the lowest) to 215 million (the most expensive) depending on the variant Honda Brio MPV. Possibility for the cheapest variant without the airbags and some other features are reduced, while the best variant Honda Brio MPV is equipped Airbags, Alloy wheels, ABS brakes EBD, Automatic air conditioning, and safety features Entertaiment better.
To estimate engine uses Brio MPV Honda Freed 1500 CC engine or engines of 1300 cc Honda Brio, Honda brio advantage of MPV MPV is going to be a new, more efficient or fuel-efficient than other Low as Avanza Xenia MPV Ertiga and Mazda VX1 Chevy Spin. The plan of this car will also be designed to have a wider cabin than its rivals because it follows the market trend which lead to the ability to transport (passenger capacity) it is said to be directly by the general manager of Honda Prospect Motor.

Brio MPV (approximate design of some electronic media)
So for automotive enthusiasts that have a plan to have the new MPV car late this year or early in 2013 could wait for the Honda Brio MPV, look at the engine specifications and the honda historically always produced quality car Brio estimate this MPV will compete with Avanza if it has the same dimensions and the price of the same (because some people are getting bored with avanza).
Read also competitors Brio MPV cars that already exist:
* Suzuki Ertiga Matic
* Mazda VX-1
* Chaevrolet Spin
* Avanza Veloz
* Daihatsu Xenia
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FarhanThursday, May 16, 2013 at 12:50:00 AM AKDT
This is already my mpv tunggu2, reportedly because long already. I as the owner honda freed welcomed. In my opinion anyway brio engine should use it, but the power on and the output torque is reduced slightly raised slightly, like honda freed the energy of jazz minus 2 hp and torque plus a 5 hp on jazz. Because mpv definitely heavier weights.


Eko WiyonoFriday, May 17, 2013 at 2:55:00 AM AKDT
ane also waiting for the boss, hope ya pas collected money :-)


AnonymousFriday, May 17, 2013 at 1:04:00 AM AKDT
grand livina wrote dehh ... very economical ...


Type and Color Letter Tilang

Type and Color Letter Tilang - Often when I travel it turns out we forgot to bring completeness drive letters such as driver's license and vehicle registration and bear going home to get the mail because already far on the way, if this is the case is ready to get a ticket if there is
raids motor vehicles both cars and motorcycles, even when we take full papers but we do breach the traffic police ticketed often happens, and if we got pulled over think most people would be resolved amicably by the police or court hearings.

According to the law of 2009 concerning the rules of traffic, two ways that we might take to complete this process the first speeding ticket fines are paid directly to the account of the state and the second by way of court proceedings.
Pay a fine to the state can be made through the designated bank and transfer a certain amount of money for our mistakes, it is assumed we accept our mistakes and are willing to pay the fine. If we feel right when ticketed, we could lodge a protest with the court following the hearing (though in my experience, the trial court should not protest, direct hammer diketok pay several hundred thousand dollars).
Of some of the most important things we are not mistaken in this instance a speeding ticket through the process we realized we did not bring any SIM means that we admit wrong enough then to pay the fine and then continue the journey. If the auto lovers had similar experiences and offered police to choose the hearing or what? (While we know that we did make a mistake) then just choose the option to pay a fine by the state bank.

In my experience, when making a traffic violation has not been offered police to pay a fine to the bank, almost all of them always say the trial or what? with the definite choice most people choose the trial (while the word how interpreted resolved amicably by the police).

If we choose to pay the fine without a trial, we will be given a traffic ticket is blue but if we want a trial then we will be given a ticket with a red color. Below are the types of speeding ticket speeding ticket by color:
* The color red speeding ticket: That we do not accept the alleged error and asked the court settlement, a traffic ticket with a red color is used for the trial in court
* Color blue speeding ticket: If we admit we were wrong (a foul) and want to solve it by paying a fine to the state through the bank account. Ask him a ticket to the blue color, then immediately to the bank to transfer money to the account of the country, after the money is transferred bring proof of transfer and a ticket to take something that was detained at the scene (eg driver's license, ID card or vehicle registration)

Tips Open Car Wash and Motorcycle Business

Tips Open Car Wash and Motorcycle Business - automotive lovers who like to cultivate the automotive world will want to make the automotive hobby than a hobby can also add revenue, for automotive enthusiasts that have been in existence certainly has more experience that could be used for example the number of partners, expertise modification,
expertise to beautify your car or motorcycle, vehicle maintenance skills and others.
Opening the automotive-related businesses are increasingly deemed profitable and enjoyable hobby for people whose cars, in addition to the number of vehicles lately more and more because our economic stability and the release of new cars at a fairly cheap price. Some businesses can be opened include: modification workshop, workshop service, washing cars and motorcycles, and others. which we discussed this time is to open a car wash business tips and motorcycles.

The author sees many car and motorcycle users who wash cars and motorcycles in the wash, this may be due to busy work and the little time available to wash your own car at home. The authors think the business opportunity not to be missed in the discussion of business articles in
Terms of Location
In addition to technical equipment and manpower it has first to be considered in setting up a car wash business and the motor is decisive and has the right business location, the following are the terms of business location Cusi cars and motorcycles:
* The location close to the market (consumers), choose a location that means there is a car or motorcycle is pretty much (have enough market) such as highways, major cities, lots of cars and motorcycles passing or parking around the site to be selected. Do not choose a location or a quiet countryside who would later nyuci??

* The location is close to raw material, in this case means that the raw material is water, detergents, fuel compressors, and others needed to run a car wash business. Availability of cheap raw materials can save the cost of procurement of raw materials such as water
* The site chosen has transport facilities and communication
* Pay attention to the layout of the building facilities, use the space as effectively as possible to be able to accommodate as many cars / motorcycles without losing the quality that will be achieved later (washing hygiene and speed), the estimated count vehicles entering later when the business unit has been running smoothly, adjust the building / washing facilities and the amount of labor later, also calculate the average speed of the vehicle cleaning to obtain the approximate shape of the building is fit

Mazda VX1 Features Advantages Price

Mazda VX1 Features Advantages Price

Mazda VX-1 - 1 month was again surprised the automotive market with the emergence of new Mazda MPV VX1, after the emergence Ertiga chevrolet matic and shake the dominance of spin-twin car avanza xenia, now adding Mazda VX1 Low MPV car competition. Mazda VX1 has
similarities with that said twin Suzuki Ertiga Ertiga. No wonder it is because Mazda Corp in collaboration with Suzuki Corp to create a sister car to take market Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia. Mazda MPV Low End VX1 is going but it has very good quality.

Mazda VX-1 is made using either the basic or platform Ertiga exterior design, interior and engine similar to that of Ertiga, but with some modifications to the interior, exterior slightly with the addition of quite a lot of the safety features with the use of dual airbags and ABS EBD Brake. we will review this car out.
Mazda VX-1 has an exterior design that can be said to be the same as the Suzuki Ertiga, the difference is only on the bold design of the front bumper, fog lamp design using chrome, and of course the Mazda logo that attaches to the front grille and the rear of this car

VX1 has a long dimension of 4265 mm, width 1695 mm, height 1685, has a length of 2740 mm wheelbase and turning radius VX-1's car is 5200 mm. Car which has a capacity of 7 passengers is designed as the exterior is quite functional in design with multi-reflector halogen headlamp, fog lamp to help light the extreme weather, the side body using curved body for aerodynamic stability of the car as it slid to the air at high speed, turn signal in mirrors which adds to the impression of fresh / luxury and the use of lightweight aluminum alloy wheels and stable at high speeds.

Mazda VX1 same in terms of comfort / features distinctive interior with Suzuki Ertiga, preferring the stylish and spacious rooms that support the convenience of passengers, Mazda VX-1 is also equipped with a silencer NVH technology

Fuel Fuel Saver Tool

Fuel Fuel Saver Tool - Stationary fuel or fuel saver on a car or motorcycle may be an old issue, but until now still warm to discuss because almost every year popping up these fuel saving devices. This article is taken from a variety of sources, but more
many uses sources from the old site priyadi (dot) net ever do a critical review of the fuel saver mushrooming in Indonesia.
In America alone there are institutions called EPA where one of its functions is to test the fuel efficiency of cars sold in the U.S., the agency then tried to do some research and test products that claimed to save fuel cars. Meanwhile, one of the consumer protection agency in the United States also test various fuel saving device, the name of the institution is the FTC.

An initial question raised is "why automakers do not make a tool of first fuel saver can save up to tens of percent with a relatively inexpensive tool prices between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars? Anyway if it is installed then the cost of production is very low with considerable savings significant "

Type Fuel Saver
According to the FTC and EPA in the U.S., there are a variety of tools that is claimed by the manufacturer to save fuel, below are the type of fuel saving devices are investigated with the results penelitiaannya:
1. Tool to force air into the carburetor car or motorcycle, there are 22 tools in testing and there is only one tool that can provide fuel savings

Commonrail Diesel advantages compared to Conventional Diesel

Commonrail Diesel advantages compared to Conventional Diesel - Lovers in particular automotive diesel car lovers surely familiar with commonrail diesel engine that came out in the latest diesel cars, some cars are using commonrail technology include:
Strada Triton
Chevrolet Diesel Spin
Fortuner Vnt
Innova Diesel
Pajero Sport dakar
and others (a lot)
Commonrail injection system is new technology on diesel engines, commonrail technology allows the pressure in the combustion chamber to be flexible (can change) adjust to the desired output, commonrail technology also improve the accuracy of the volume of fuel / diesel fuel into the combustion chamber.
Commonrail Diesel advantages compared to conventional Diesel is basically capable of providing fuel supply more accurate and pressure in the combustion chamber in accordance with the requirements (output), two fundamental advantages commonrail it turned out to have an enormous impact on the outcome of the combustion process, among others:
* Performance / better engine power
* Effective in the use of fuel (more fuel efficient)
* Vibration smaller engine
* Voice smaller
* Smoke / cleaner exhaust

Cars that use diesel commonrail engine has a character:
1. With the volume and pressure that makes flexible solar mixing with air pressure along the right makes combustion more effective so that most of the fuel is absorbed into force, it caused relatively little exhaust (smoke less) and more environmentally friendly

2. Setting the electronic fuel injection volume and injection timing also affect the effectiveness of the use of fuels that provide more power and fuel consumption more efficient. Claims of automotive manufacturers are using technology Commonrail is commonrail fuel can spray three times more accurate than conventional diesel so it is very effective.
3. Commonrail engine components are highly resistant to pressure so that it can work more ape

Lebaran Safe Homecoming Tips

Lebaran Safe Homecoming Tips - automotive lovers may plan a homecoming driving? if auto enthusiasts have frequently going home or traveling far between cities may not be much difficulty in terms of preparation, introduction of field, choose the time travel, and supplies on the way. But those who have never certainly should know the things needed when Lebaran or perform
travel far (read: travel tips away). What more if the automotive lovers to travel long distances at night it will be so different preparation (read: travel tips nights)
Below is a preparation that must be done when Lebaran:
Car Preparation
Readiness check or check cars that will be used starting from the machine (read: check the spark plug), Electrical System (read: electrical tips), both lights headlights and turn signal lights and even fog lights, air conditioning, entertainment / entertainment (audio video car) , GPS systems, Aki, Tire Air Pressure (read: tire air pressure), Car legs (read: check the condition of the tires), wiper (read: care wiper), the fuel supply system (check smoothly or not), oil change car (read: good oil change), do not forget to bring automotive enthusiasts service equipment such as car keys
Preparation driver

Preparation includes the condition of the driver good driver condition the body, mind, health, and so forth. To make sure the condition of the driver's body has enough stamina, long trips require a high concentration of drowsiness or fatigue conditions make driving split concentration and cause things like (read: cause of the accident). In addition to drowsiness and fatigue turns psychological factors also affect the safety of the driver in driving away in this case as much as possible to avoid the driver's psychological state is too sad, too afraid, too scared, anxious, angry, depressed, etc. that cause the driver to lose control of his emotions . Adequate rest can minimize the chances of the poor condition of the driver's body and mental rest, they mean enough sleep.
Car Expense
Calculate the maximum load-carrying capacity within safe limits, the load exceeds the capacity of the car can make controlling the car becomes more difficult, especially when passing the bend or the car is at high speed, the risk of accident is multiplied because the brakes and tires work improperly. Many cases of accidents triggered by excess charge (I need not mention here), do not underestimate it. Place the load evenly, do not put weight on one side of the car or even at one corner of it as a car tire has a limit on the carry load, which is the worst possible tire explode if given the uneven load.
Driving Method

New Price Mercedes Car Chevrolet Ford Mazda BMW

New Price Mercedes Car Chevrolet Ford Mazda BMW - After the last article reviews the prices of new cars Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Nissan and Kia. This time gives automotive car price list a new car of 2013 Chevrolet Ford Mazda Mercedes and BMW, the following:
Price of Chevrolet Spark
Spark 1.2 MT: 143.5 Million
Price All New Chevrolet Aveo
Aveo 1.4 LS MT: 168.8 Million
Aveo 1.4 LT MT: 178.8 Million
Aveo 1.4 LT AT: 193.8 Million
Price Chevrolet Orlando
1.8L LT AT: Rp. 330 Million
Price Chevrolet Colorado
2.5 Extended Cab MT: 265 Million
2.5 Crew Cab LT MT: 323 Million
2.5 Crew Cab LTZ MT: 343 Million
Price Chevrolet Trail Blazer
Trailblazer 4x2 2.5 MT: 360.8 Million
Trailblazer 2.8 AT 4x4: 578.8 Million
Price of Chevrolet Captiva
Captiva 2.5 Extended Cab MT: 265 Million
Captiva 2.5 LT Crew Cab MT: 323 Million
Captiva 2.5 LTZ Crew Cab MT: 343 Million
Captiva 2.4 L MT: 329.5 Million
Captiva 2.4 L AT: 346 Million
Captiva 2.4 L MT Pearl White: 335.5 Million
Captiva 2.4 AT L Pearl White: 352 Million
Captiva FWD 2.0 L Diesel AT: 363 Million
Captiva 2.0 L Diesel AT FWD Pearl White: 369 Million
Captiva AWD 2.0 L Diesel AT: 429.5 Million
Captiva 2.0 L Diesel AT AWD Pearl White: 435.5 Million
Price Chevrolet Spin
Spin 1.2L Chevy LS MT: 139.7 Million

Spin Chevy LT 1.2L MT: 153.7 Million
Spin Chevy LT 1.5L MT: 160.7 Million
Spin Chevy LTZ ​​1.5L MT: 167.7 Million
Spin Chevy 1.5L LTZ AT: 178.7 Million
Spin Chevy LT 1.3L MT: 179.7 Million
Spin Chevy LTZ ​​1.3L MT: 189.7 Million
Price Mazda2
Mazda2 V MT: Rp. 190 Million
Mazda2 V AT: Rp. 200.1 Million
Mazda2 Sport MT: Rp. 203.4 Million
Mazda2 Sport AT: Rp. 213.4 Million
Mazda2 R MT: Rp. 210.1 Million
Mazda2 R AT: Rp. 220.2 Million
Price Mazda2 Sedan
Mazda2 Sedan V MT: Rp. 228 Million
Mazda2 Sedan V AT: Rp. 238 Million
Mazda2 Sedan R AT: Rp. 253 Million
Price Mazda6
Mazda6 True Red: Rp. 538 Million
Mazda6 Regular Color: Rp. 538 Million
Mazda8 Price: 501.9 Million

Price Daihatsu Isuzu Mitsubishi Nissan Kia

Price Daihatsu Isuzu Mitsubishi Nissan Kia - List price of car time is a continuation yesterday new car prices Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki. Here is the price of a new car Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Nissan and Kia updates in 2013:
SMART PANTHER - A: 217.5 Million
PANTHER SMART - FF A: 219.5 Million
LV PANTHER - A: 225.2 Million
PANTHER LV FF - J: 227.2 Million
PANTHER ADVENTURE - A: 237.5 Million
Panther LS FF - J: 252.5 Million
PANTHER TOURING - J: 258.5 Million

D-MAX SINGLE CAB: 264.5 Million
D-MAX DOUBLE CAB: 307.5 Million
RODEO D-MAX LS: 336 Million
D-MAX RODEO AT: 351.5 Million
D-MAX DC 3: 312.5 Million
D-MAX MINING: 322.5 Million
D-MAX Karo: 303 Million
ELF NHR55 C / C E2 - 2: 203.5 Million
ELF NHR55 C / O E2 - 2: 207 Million
ELF NKR55 C / C E2 - 2: 211 Million
ELF NKR55 C / O E2 - 2: 213.5 Million
ELF NKR55 C / O E2 - 2 LWB: 225 Million
ELF NKR55 L C / C E2 - 2: 228.5 Million
ELF NKR71 C / C E2 - 3: 261.5 Million
ELF NKR71 HD E2 - 3: 267.5 Million
ELF NQR71 EC E2-1: 287.5 Million
ELF Microbus NHR55: 255 Million
ELF Microbus NKR55: 279.5 Million
ELF Microbus NKR55: 282.5 Million

New Car Price List 2013

New Car Price List 2013 - List price of new cars in 2013, several cars came out in 2013 as a spin chevy, Ertiga matic, Etios Valco, honda cr-z, and others. Price changes also occur in cars that have come out in 2012 as Jazz, All New Avanza, Yaris, and others because of tight competition, especially in the MPV type car and city car which automotive enthusiasts should know these price changes. Here is a list of new car prices On The Road in 2013 latest update:
Price Toyota Alphard
New 2.4x: Rp. 693,950,000.00

Toyota new car prices
Price Toyota Avanza
All New 1.5 G M / T: Rp. 177.5 Million
All New 1.3 G A / T: Rp. 181.2 Million
All New 1.3 G M / T: Rp. 170.5 Million
All New 1.3 E A / T: Rp. 165.7 Million
All New 1.3 E M / T: Rp. 155.5 Million
Veloz 1.5 A / T: Rp. 190 Million
Veloz 1.5 M / T: Rp. 180.5 Million
Price Toyota Camry
All New Camry 2.5V: Rp. 520.9 Million
All New Camry 2.5G: Rp. 493 Million
Price Toyota Corolla
Grand New 2.0 V A / T: Rp. 402.6 Million
Grand New 1.8 G A / T: Rp. 371.8 Million
Grand New 1.8 E M / T: Rp. 350.1 Million
Price Toyota Dyna
PS 130 HT: Rp. 276.2 Million
Dyna 6 R Bus Chassis 110 PS: Rp. 230.7 Million
110 PS ST: Rp. 213.2 Million
110 PS FT: Rp. 235.6 Million
PS 110 ET: Rp. 242 Million
130 PS XT: Rp. 257.3 Million
PS HT 130 STD: Rp. 267.3 Million
130 PS XT: Rp. 263.3 Million
PS 110 ET: Rp. 248 Million
Bus Chassis 110 PS: Rp. 219.3 Million
110 PS FT: Rp. 241.6 Million
PS HT 130 STD: Rp. 261.3 Million
PS 130 HT High Gear: Rp. 261.8 Million
110 PS ET Heavy Pwr Str: Rp. 250.1 Million
110 PS ET Pwr Str Road: Rp. 256.4 Million
PS XT 130 Long Wheel: Rp. 272.4 Million
PS HT 130 STD Heavy Pwr Str: Rp. 269.4 Million
PS HT 130 STD Pwr Str Off Road: Rp. 275.7 Million
110 PS ST Long Wheel: Rp. 227.4 Million
Chassis 110 PS ST Pwr Str: Rp. 219.2 Million
PS 130 HT High Gear Heavy Pwr Str: Rp. 269.9 Million
Price Toyota Etios V

Cheap Car Loans or Lightweight

Cheap Car Loans or Lightweight - good cheap car loans used car or new car has become more difficult with Bank Indonesia regulations that provide or limit the amount of credit limit. We will try to review in more detail about the system or the business in order to find a way to get a cheap car loan or mild.
Dealers to submit credit / bank?
If applying for a loan car automotive lovers then actually applying for a loan to automotive enthusiasts bank (bank financial institutions) or financial institution (bank financial institutions), while later the financial institution will buy a car from a dealer in cash (bailed out first) then the financial institution will sell the car to prospective buyers.

Financial institutions are not taking advantage of the difference in the sale price but of interest, which we proposed, while dealers benefit from sales to financial institutions (meaning we actually credit mengajuka when dealing with financial institutions and not the dealer).
Business profits

Almost all retail businesses to implement policies to take advantage of 10% to 20% of the purchase price, while the wholesale business to take advantage of 2.5% to 5% of the capital employed. Car dealers including retail businesses so to cars purchased from ATPM 100 million it expected profit of 10 to 20 million, then the selling price of the car by the dealer to be 110 million to 120 million.
Financial institutions usually take advantage of interest rate of 50% in 3 years or if used as the monthly interest rate is 1.38%, the financial institution will impose an interest rate of 1.38% per month. So for example, our car loans cost 110 million, DP 30 million, the bank financed 80 million, it is the bank's expected profit of 80 million that could be 120 million within 3 years. So roughly installments
charged is 120 million / 36 months = is 3,333 million dollars.
Selecting and Applying Offer
From the above presentation about the benefits of dealers and banks (financial institutions) we can actually choose and bid on the dealer or the bank (lender).

Many Used Car Most Wanted

Many Used Car Most Wanted - Used cars most sought until this article was written is still dominated by cars like the Avanza MPV type or deer Innova, while for the price range of a used car is the most sought-after cars under 100 million output in 2005 or older . Used car lot next look is kind of cars like the Honda Jazz city car, while the new car is still dominated the top of the MPV type car. Here are
some of the most sought-after used car:
Used Cars Under 100 Million
* Avanza 2004, this car has a lot of fans because the price is cheap enough at around 100 million or even lower to touch 90 million. The appeal of this car is the passenger capacity, powerful engines, spare parts are readily available and the fuel consumption is not too extravagant. Read reviews of the latest Avanza

* Daihatsu Xenia in 2005, this car is almost the same as that in the range avanza price slightly below avanza, the ability of the engine is not as tough as avanza (slightly lower) but the car xenia searched for: more economical fuel consumption, passenger capacity quite a lot, the price cheap and abundant spare parts. Read reviews Xenia here

* Suzuki Carry, car type minibus / microbus former, many are looking for, as well as the price is affordable as well as passenger capacity to fit the contents of 8-9 passengers. Suzuki Carry used car prices are the most expensive because the price of 100 million new cars of this type there are selling at a price of 102 million, this car has another advantage in that recalcitrant machine and light pull, carry automobile spare parts are also available aplenty even in availability car spare parts is among the most a lot of other cars like (deer, avanza, etc.), the car is mostly used for public transportation so that the number of cars and car spare parts very much (suzuki carry: review)

* Former Kijang, this car also has a rabid fan, in addition to engine strength (stubborn / durable) as well as the passengers were pretty much fit (8 people). Market price

All New Honda Civic Newest

All New Honda Civic Newest - Long time no review this time sedan car reviews the latest sedan from Honda, the All New Honda Civic Honda Indonesia issued in 2013 which coincided with the release of the All New Honda City and Honda CR-Z. This Civic is a sedan type car with 4 doors with design
excellent aerodynamics, using cylinder engine capacity 1800 cc and 2000 cc. Sale On the Road with prices starting at 353 million to 423 million dollars.
Variant All New Honda Civic
Until a review is published all new honda civic has 4 variants which 4 variant to the Civic uses the same engine. Civic variants are distinguished only by the size of engine cylinders, transmission systems and features, especially the car interior. The following variant of the All New Honda Civic:
* Civic 1.8 L MT: using 1800 cc engine with manual transmission
* Civic 1.8 L AT: 1800 cc engine wear and wear matic or automatic transmission system
* Civic 2.0 L AT: using 2000 cc engine with automatic transmission system (matic)
* Civic 2.0 Limited Edition: 2000 cc engine wear, automatic transmission and a variety of additional features to improve the car's interior comfort and luxury cars. This limited edition Civic released mid 2013 and only produced as many as 90 cars were scattered on the honda dealer (so if the reader is looking for this car are lucky if they have not sold out). Price of this limited edition Civic car the most expensive at 423.5 million dollars. Ok, next we will discuss Honda Civic 2.0 L only because another variant is similar to the exterior to the interior design of the car engine
All New Honda Civic exterior

2.0 L Civic exterior design is quite sweet with aerodynamic curves on the side of the car makes the car more stable at high speed, design mobibl also made curved roof so that the wind can flow with little resistance to the rear of the car. All New Honda Civic has a height of 1435 mm and groud clearance is high enough for the 15 cm size sedan can say this car is quite minimal due to friction with the air car design that is not too high and the car is quite able to traverse uneven urban roads because of ground clearance as high as 15 cm (almost like your average MPV).
All New Honda Civic 2.0 L on the front fog lamp has been embedded with strong impression (on civic 1.8 does not exist), equipped with electric mirrors with turn signal lights on the mirrors, with body-colored bumper design as if fused with the car body, the use of multi-reflector headlamp with a fairly narrow impressive design of this car can be driven at a maximum. Another advantage is the lights include auto off headlights, HID headlights, projector headlights, high mounted stop lamp.
All New Honda Civic has a long dimension of 4540 mm, width 1755 mm and height of 1435 mm, has a wheelbase of 2700 mm and has a turning radius 5400 mm, weight of the car is fairly light 1285 kg.

Cheap Car Fuel Efficient Gasoline Up Solution

Cheap Car Fuel Efficient Gasoline Up Solution - The next fuel up the fuel-efficient cars become cheap solution to keep people using cars. Government policies raising fuel prices triggered by growing inflation thus lowering the exchange rate, the depreciation of the rupiah to touch USD. 10.000 per 1 USD in the past week to make fuel import prices are also higher so the larger the subsidy burden, dollars become more unstable as the government requires fuel dollars while shopping in order to meet the needs of domestic fuel oil.
The good news, rules on cheap fuel efficient cars (LGCG) has been approved by SBY so just wait socialization rules on existing automotive manufacturers in Indonesia, the signing of this LCGC rules make automotive lovers do not wait too long before the release of cheap cars or ordinary energy-saving called LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) circulating in Indonesia. LCGC's rule will set the value addition tax luxury goods (GOODS) to 0% for fuel-efficient cars that car prices can be reduced.
In the past year the actual automotive manufacturers in Indonesia has issued a cheap car like the Toyota Agya issued at a price below 100 million, issued Daihatsu Daihatsu Ayla, Mitsubishi issued Mirage and others. Some manufacturers are ready to welcome the procurement of low-cost cars are almost all Indonesian car manufacturers such as Suzuki, Datsun, Chevrolet, Honda, Mitsubishi, Tata, etc..
LCGC most cars will be sold at a price below 100 million, these cheap cars on average used a 1000 cc engine or smaller (the rules of the 1200 cc), engine capacity LCGC average car has power under 70 hp, as a comparison if the Honda Jazz now have the power or engine power 120 HP (Horse Power) and the Toyota Avanza has a power of about 104 HP.
For LCGC car fuel consumption is very economical all the most extravagant is 20 km / 1 liter of fuel (1:20) for the combination, there are some cars that have come out with this seirit fuel consumption, among others, Mitsubishi Mirage (even to the last test record numbers 43 km on 1 liter of fuel, the way out of town and flat)
Conclusions for labor affairs is far less than non LCGC car, but for the affairs of the purchase price and fuel-efficient cars LCGC it would be much better, while for the size of the features is reduced even without some of these cheap cars equipped with air conditioning and audio system. (music mp3, radio, dvd, etc.)

Here are some car L

Slalom Championships 2013 held in Surabaya

Slalom Championships 2013 held in Surabaya - Slalom Competition in Indonesia's biggest dislenggarakan in 9 major cities in Indonesia under way, starting in the town of Bandar Lampung 23 March 2013 ago, then followed the desert city of Palembang. To write a single Java Island especially West Java, Djarum Super MLD City Championship 2013 Slalom (Slalom DSM 2013) has dislenggarakan in Bandung last May 25, 2013, while in June it planned to DSM Slalom Championships 2013 will
held in Surabaya on June 22, 2013 DSM arguably Slalom in Surabaya East Java is a series DSM 5 Slalom Championships 2013.

Slalom itself is one of the rapidly growing automotive hobby in recent years, when we often hear offroad course is the automotive hobby in the field across the asphalt better than the muddy, rocky, slopes, watery and so forth. Slalom is the pastime while driving a car on a flat track and swerve to avoid obstacles. Engine noise, exhaust fumes, the sound of screeching tires and tire slip into things that are always there when Slalom competition takes place.

Slalom than as a hobby (refreshing for riders) it requires a special skill that is a very good driving techniques, in addition to control of the steering wheel should not lose control peslalom must also break the concentration of the gas control, clutch and brake balance. Car oversteer and understeer conditions often experienced obstacles to get through almost impassable without understeer or oversteer condition.
Some techniques are widely used, among others:
1. Passing track (hurdles) U-shaped, which is a U-turn with a short turning radius with a fairly high speed.

2. Zig-Zag, run the car zig-zag barriers are installed following the zig-zag with a relatively short distance of obstacles that sometimes force peslalom do understeer or oversteer profitable if it can not be done with regular turn
3. Slide motion Reserve, which is reversed expertise of forward and backward conditions to continue running the