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Tips Open Car Wash and Motorcycle Business

Tips Open Car Wash and Motorcycle Business - automotive lovers who like to cultivate the automotive world will want to make the automotive hobby than a hobby can also add revenue, for automotive enthusiasts that have been in existence certainly has more experience that could be used for example the number of partners, expertise modification,
expertise to beautify your car or motorcycle, vehicle maintenance skills and others.
Opening the automotive-related businesses are increasingly deemed profitable and enjoyable hobby for people whose cars, in addition to the number of vehicles lately more and more because our economic stability and the release of new cars at a fairly cheap price. Some businesses can be opened include: modification workshop, workshop service, washing cars and motorcycles, and others. which we discussed this time is to open a car wash business tips and motorcycles.

The author sees many car and motorcycle users who wash cars and motorcycles in the wash, this may be due to busy work and the little time available to wash your own car at home. The authors think the business opportunity not to be missed in the discussion of business articles in
Terms of Location
In addition to technical equipment and manpower it has first to be considered in setting up a car wash business and the motor is decisive and has the right business location, the following are the terms of business location Cusi cars and motorcycles:
* The location close to the market (consumers), choose a location that means there is a car or motorcycle is pretty much (have enough market) such as highways, major cities, lots of cars and motorcycles passing or parking around the site to be selected. Do not choose a location or a quiet countryside who would later nyuci??

* The location is close to raw material, in this case means that the raw material is water, detergents, fuel compressors, and others needed to run a car wash business. Availability of cheap raw materials can save the cost of procurement of raw materials such as water
* The site chosen has transport facilities and communication
* Pay attention to the layout of the building facilities, use the space as effectively as possible to be able to accommodate as many cars / motorcycles without losing the quality that will be achieved later (washing hygiene and speed), the estimated count vehicles entering later when the business unit has been running smoothly, adjust the building / washing facilities and the amount of labor later, also calculate the average speed of the vehicle cleaning to obtain the approximate shape of the building is fit

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