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Type and Color Letter Tilang

Type and Color Letter Tilang - Often when I travel it turns out we forgot to bring completeness drive letters such as driver's license and vehicle registration and bear going home to get the mail because already far on the way, if this is the case is ready to get a ticket if there is
raids motor vehicles both cars and motorcycles, even when we take full papers but we do breach the traffic police ticketed often happens, and if we got pulled over think most people would be resolved amicably by the police or court hearings.

According to the law of 2009 concerning the rules of traffic, two ways that we might take to complete this process the first speeding ticket fines are paid directly to the account of the state and the second by way of court proceedings.
Pay a fine to the state can be made through the designated bank and transfer a certain amount of money for our mistakes, it is assumed we accept our mistakes and are willing to pay the fine. If we feel right when ticketed, we could lodge a protest with the court following the hearing (though in my experience, the trial court should not protest, direct hammer diketok pay several hundred thousand dollars).
Of some of the most important things we are not mistaken in this instance a speeding ticket through the process we realized we did not bring any SIM means that we admit wrong enough then to pay the fine and then continue the journey. If the auto lovers had similar experiences and offered police to choose the hearing or what? (While we know that we did make a mistake) then just choose the option to pay a fine by the state bank.

In my experience, when making a traffic violation has not been offered police to pay a fine to the bank, almost all of them always say the trial or what? with the definite choice most people choose the trial (while the word how interpreted resolved amicably by the police).

If we choose to pay the fine without a trial, we will be given a traffic ticket is blue but if we want a trial then we will be given a ticket with a red color. Below are the types of speeding ticket speeding ticket by color:
* The color red speeding ticket: That we do not accept the alleged error and asked the court settlement, a traffic ticket with a red color is used for the trial in court
* Color blue speeding ticket: If we admit we were wrong (a foul) and want to solve it by paying a fine to the state through the bank account. Ask him a ticket to the blue color, then immediately to the bank to transfer money to the account of the country, after the money is transferred bring proof of transfer and a ticket to take something that was detained at the scene (eg driver's license, ID card or vehicle registration)

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