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Radiator or Coolant Cleaning Car

Radiator or Coolant Cleaning Car - The radiator is a cooling system that uses water in the temperature reduction method (cooling), this radiator is generally used on either machine heavy equipment, motorcycle and car (we specialize in car radiator). Absolutely necessary in order to treat the cooling system is able to provide optimal performance for
cool the engine temperature, engine temperature is too high or the heat is not good in the performance of the car and if the radiator is not working properly often overheat the engine (this happens usually when the car broke down and needs to cool down).
Car radiator problems often occur on dirt clogging / sticking on the inside of the radiator so that the cooling water circulation becomes blocked and the process of heat transfer machine is also not optimal, this crust is usually attached as a result of sediment carried by the water or the ingress of dust into the inside of the radiator , if the automotive enthusiast quickly feel the heat and cooling machines less than the maximum it would not hurt to try to clean a car radiator. Here are tips on how to clean the radiator or easily

* Key Pas sizes 10, 12, 14
* Lap Cloth
* Brush Plastic
* Screwdriver plus and minus
* Water
* Shampoo
* Detergent (used for method II)
* Cleaning the floor tiles (used for method I)
* Cleaning liquid radiator (used for method III)
How to clean radiator how I (using ceramic cleaners):
1. Remove the radiator using a wrench car
2. Drain water by opening the radiator cap slowly first, then open the radiator drain
3. Close the radiator drain back holes (could be tied with rubber), after meeting
4. Pour the liquid floor cleaner, let stand 15 to 30 minutes
5. Remove the floor cleaning fluid that has been mixed with dirt (crust), the rinse with water 2-3 times and make sure to clean the remnants of the floor cleaning.
6. Drain, then reinstall and fill with clear water faucet taps / wells / other
How to clean radiator way II (detergent)
This method does not need to remove the car radiator,
1. Drain the radiator water first
2. Refill the radiator with water, mix the detergent in the radiator and let the lid open
3. Turn the gas engine and gas play slowly at low rpm (

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