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Commonrail Diesel advantages compared to Conventional Diesel

Commonrail Diesel advantages compared to Conventional Diesel - Lovers in particular automotive diesel car lovers surely familiar with commonrail diesel engine that came out in the latest diesel cars, some cars are using commonrail technology include:
Strada Triton
Chevrolet Diesel Spin
Fortuner Vnt
Innova Diesel
Pajero Sport dakar
and others (a lot)
Commonrail injection system is new technology on diesel engines, commonrail technology allows the pressure in the combustion chamber to be flexible (can change) adjust to the desired output, commonrail technology also improve the accuracy of the volume of fuel / diesel fuel into the combustion chamber.
Commonrail Diesel advantages compared to conventional Diesel is basically capable of providing fuel supply more accurate and pressure in the combustion chamber in accordance with the requirements (output), two fundamental advantages commonrail it turned out to have an enormous impact on the outcome of the combustion process, among others:
* Performance / better engine power
* Effective in the use of fuel (more fuel efficient)
* Vibration smaller engine
* Voice smaller
* Smoke / cleaner exhaust

Cars that use diesel commonrail engine has a character:
1. With the volume and pressure that makes flexible solar mixing with air pressure along the right makes combustion more effective so that most of the fuel is absorbed into force, it caused relatively little exhaust (smoke less) and more environmentally friendly

2. Setting the electronic fuel injection volume and injection timing also affect the effectiveness of the use of fuels that provide more power and fuel consumption more efficient. Claims of automotive manufacturers are using technology Commonrail is commonrail fuel can spray three times more accurate than conventional diesel so it is very effective.
3. Commonrail engine components are highly resistant to pressure so that it can work more ape

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