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Cheap Car Fuel Efficient Gasoline Up Solution

Cheap Car Fuel Efficient Gasoline Up Solution - The next fuel up the fuel-efficient cars become cheap solution to keep people using cars. Government policies raising fuel prices triggered by growing inflation thus lowering the exchange rate, the depreciation of the rupiah to touch USD. 10.000 per 1 USD in the past week to make fuel import prices are also higher so the larger the subsidy burden, dollars become more unstable as the government requires fuel dollars while shopping in order to meet the needs of domestic fuel oil.
The good news, rules on cheap fuel efficient cars (LGCG) has been approved by SBY so just wait socialization rules on existing automotive manufacturers in Indonesia, the signing of this LCGC rules make automotive lovers do not wait too long before the release of cheap cars or ordinary energy-saving called LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) circulating in Indonesia. LCGC's rule will set the value addition tax luxury goods (GOODS) to 0% for fuel-efficient cars that car prices can be reduced.
In the past year the actual automotive manufacturers in Indonesia has issued a cheap car like the Toyota Agya issued at a price below 100 million, issued Daihatsu Daihatsu Ayla, Mitsubishi issued Mirage and others. Some manufacturers are ready to welcome the procurement of low-cost cars are almost all Indonesian car manufacturers such as Suzuki, Datsun, Chevrolet, Honda, Mitsubishi, Tata, etc..
LCGC most cars will be sold at a price below 100 million, these cheap cars on average used a 1000 cc engine or smaller (the rules of the 1200 cc), engine capacity LCGC average car has power under 70 hp, as a comparison if the Honda Jazz now have the power or engine power 120 HP (Horse Power) and the Toyota Avanza has a power of about 104 HP.
For LCGC car fuel consumption is very economical all the most extravagant is 20 km / 1 liter of fuel (1:20) for the combination, there are some cars that have come out with this seirit fuel consumption, among others, Mitsubishi Mirage (even to the last test record numbers 43 km on 1 liter of fuel, the way out of town and flat)
Conclusions for labor affairs is far less than non LCGC car, but for the affairs of the purchase price and fuel-efficient cars LCGC it would be much better, while for the size of the features is reduced even without some of these cheap cars equipped with air conditioning and audio system. (music mp3, radio, dvd, etc.)

Here are some car L

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