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All New Honda Civic Newest

All New Honda Civic Newest - Long time no review this time sedan car reviews the latest sedan from Honda, the All New Honda Civic Honda Indonesia issued in 2013 which coincided with the release of the All New Honda City and Honda CR-Z. This Civic is a sedan type car with 4 doors with design
excellent aerodynamics, using cylinder engine capacity 1800 cc and 2000 cc. Sale On the Road with prices starting at 353 million to 423 million dollars.
Variant All New Honda Civic
Until a review is published all new honda civic has 4 variants which 4 variant to the Civic uses the same engine. Civic variants are distinguished only by the size of engine cylinders, transmission systems and features, especially the car interior. The following variant of the All New Honda Civic:
* Civic 1.8 L MT: using 1800 cc engine with manual transmission
* Civic 1.8 L AT: 1800 cc engine wear and wear matic or automatic transmission system
* Civic 2.0 L AT: using 2000 cc engine with automatic transmission system (matic)
* Civic 2.0 Limited Edition: 2000 cc engine wear, automatic transmission and a variety of additional features to improve the car's interior comfort and luxury cars. This limited edition Civic released mid 2013 and only produced as many as 90 cars were scattered on the honda dealer (so if the reader is looking for this car are lucky if they have not sold out). Price of this limited edition Civic car the most expensive at 423.5 million dollars. Ok, next we will discuss Honda Civic 2.0 L only because another variant is similar to the exterior to the interior design of the car engine
All New Honda Civic exterior

2.0 L Civic exterior design is quite sweet with aerodynamic curves on the side of the car makes the car more stable at high speed, design mobibl also made curved roof so that the wind can flow with little resistance to the rear of the car. All New Honda Civic has a height of 1435 mm and groud clearance is high enough for the 15 cm size sedan can say this car is quite minimal due to friction with the air car design that is not too high and the car is quite able to traverse uneven urban roads because of ground clearance as high as 15 cm (almost like your average MPV).
All New Honda Civic 2.0 L on the front fog lamp has been embedded with strong impression (on civic 1.8 does not exist), equipped with electric mirrors with turn signal lights on the mirrors, with body-colored bumper design as if fused with the car body, the use of multi-reflector headlamp with a fairly narrow impressive design of this car can be driven at a maximum. Another advantage is the lights include auto off headlights, HID headlights, projector headlights, high mounted stop lamp.
All New Honda Civic has a long dimension of 4540 mm, width 1755 mm and height of 1435 mm, has a wheelbase of 2700 mm and has a turning radius 5400 mm, weight of the car is fairly light 1285 kg.

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