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Overcoming Happens When Understeer Oversteer

Overcoming Happens When Understeer Oversteer - Automotive Lovers of course familiar with the state of losing control (handling) on ​​the car while driving, there are two kinds of terms in the loss jhandling namely:
1. Understeer: a loss of control caused by the reduction in front tire traction, we could feel the understeer is when the wheel is difficult to control (not according to our wishes) or often said to be the front tires slip.
The tendency of the car will run straight though we've steered, cause a variety of starting speed, road conditions or in the corner. This would be very dangerous understeer when the driver panicked so not even control the car but could not control the car instead of panic or impaired concentration.

2. Oversteer: is losing control of the car due to the rear tires having to grip the asphalt shortage (opposite Oversteer), the car had a tendency to oversteer the turn (rear tire spun), if this happens the car will turn but its direction can not be determined which is very dangerous if it turns into a dangerous example to the right or to the brink. It will be dangerous if the driver panicked and one anticipates.
Understeer occurs when
If the automobile lovers experience a loss of control (tire grip) then the best part is the following:
1. Immediately slowed the pace car until the front tire traction recovered
2. Do not turn the wheel again (add a steering wheel rotation), this will cause the car understeer more
3. Gas cars slowly or gradually reduced
4. Stir round reduced

Oversteer occurs when
In the event of oversteer then the tips (how to solve) the driver can do is:
1. Do not add brake
2. Hand position should not be detached from the steering wheel (for control)
3. Prepare "countersteer" bend but do not reply to retaliate with excessive
4. For rear wheel drive car, reduce the pressure of the gas pedal
5. for front-wheel drive car, the driver can add gas to taste
6. Point your eyes focus on a point on the go
7. the latter prepared to restore the position of the steering wheel on track 

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