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Knowing Damage Car Engine Exhaust Conditions through

Knowing Damage Car Engine Exhaust Conditions through - After reviewing how to determine damage to the engine through the spark plug condition and car fumes, this time automotive sites will review how to determine damage to the engine through the exhaust conditions. As we know that the exhaust is one of the components most related to the combustion chamber where the exhaust or air emission cars such as from the combustion chamber will be distributed (discarded)
through the exhaust. Circumstances which clean exhaust can reflect the condition of the engine, otherwise the state of the sooty exhaust as oil or black crust or there will reflect the condition of the car engine is not good, we can check it out through the tailpipe.
Generally, there are four conditions that could tip exhaust reflect the state of the machine, namely:

* Wet because there is oil seepage, a state that has brittle valve seals, piston rings are worn, or scratched on the walls of the cylinder can cause the oil leak into the combustion chamber and out through the exhaust. I check very easily, by fingering the tailpipe is there oil seepage (wet and even oil to drip), but before the first turn on the check cars and try to stomp on the gas until fairly repetitive like trying to remove something from the exhaust (remember if automotive lovers want to check the car to be purchased by the owner sometimes has cleaned up the tailpipe). If the exhaust wet by oil can be ensured that no damage to the car, especially on the engine combustion chamber. The state of the oil seepage is usually accompanied by smoke conditions coming out of the exhaust is white thick and not stop-stop.

* Exhaust carbon black and crusty, this is caused by incomplete combustion occurs the combustion chamber. This could be caused by dirty air filter so that the incoming air is not ideal, it can also be caused by poor quality gasoline fire from the spark plug so that the incoming combustion chamber does not burn all and the rest is discharged through the exhaust (read: how to clean the air filter). Fairly easy way to check that is by feeling the exhaust tip is like no carbon dust and black color exhaust?, This condition usually black exhaust smoke and do not want to stop (with gas too hard and then see the smoke coming out)
* Exhaust clean and grayish, it indicates the engine in good condition, all parts of the engine to normal functioning (properly). Usually the car is also not colored smoke, car exhaust note as if tears or thin white smoke when ignited new morning does not include damage to the engine (read: car exhaust conditions)

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