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Car Causes of White or Black Smoke Out

Car Causes of White or Black Smoke Out - The condition of a used car engine is very different from the new car, how to drive a car and different treatments (often not ideal) makes the machine easy to lose shape ideally as a leaking seal, weak compression, up to a dirty air filter can cause interference with the performance of the machine from mild to severe.
Car exhaust is closely related to the condition of the room
fuel in the car, the new car exhaust fumes tend to no color, but in a car that has been long used car fumes could turn out to be black, white or bluish. Colored smoke is usually caused by the impact damage to the machine that has (have) happen so inevitably the car owners have noticed the smoke coming out. Some smoke color that reflects the condition of the car include:
1. Colorless smoke: it indicates the engine in a state good enough (no problem)

2. Black colored car fumes: desebabkan mostly by burning fuel so that there is less than perfect combustion air coming out together. Some causes the release of black smoke among other cars compression leak (check compression), a small flame spark (check / replace spark plugs), carburetor problems, dirty air filter (clean / replace). This black car fumes in addition to reducing engine power performance (traction / acceleration / speed) also affects the fuel consumption of the car can be even more extravagant 2-fold compared to normal conditions, if you want to save fuel immediately improve

3. Bluish smoke car: blue smoke due to oil entering the combustion chamber and burned burned, the inclusion of oil in the combustion chamber is caused by brittle or piston seals that have been damaged or damage the gasket or o ring. Oil entering the cylinder can also wet the spark the flame to be disturbed, this oil can also be a crust in the combustion chamber and over time can damage the engine. fix soon

4. Thin white smoke car: thin white smoke is due to condensation, especially when the air is cold, the smoke is temporary and goes away by itself. no need to worry
5. Thick white smoke: because the water from the coolant into the fuel, coolant damage may be caused by damage to the packing head, cylinder head, engine block occur or cracks. If the car is used antifreeze counterparts (European cars for the winter) the impact can be more serious because antifreeze entering the combustion chamber could damage the engine if

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