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Caring Car Wiper and Washer

Caring Car Wiper and Washer - automotive lover would want a wiper that can provide maximum performance when needed for example in case of heavy rain or when the car passes a tough track like muddy. Windshield wipers are basically used to clean the water can also be used
cleaning other objects suddenly stuck on the glass while in transit such as splashes of mud, leaves, bird droppings, tree sap or another.
Caring for the windshield wipers can not be separated from the car washer water sprayer required before use of wipers in dry conditions, use of washer serves to lubricate the rubber wipers that do not memberet windshield. Water spray with accuracy sufficient quantity needed for wiper work optimally, given the many we encounter on a used car washer water are often not issued even though the electric pump is still working normally, here's how to care car washer.
Caring Car Washer

* Check the condition of the water tube washer. Most of the used car is dirty water tube crust caused by the indiscriminate filling of water, sediment and old age menupuk car. If there is a crust using a clean brush
* Fill the water in the washer tube using distilled water (battery water with blue cap), the use of distilled water can minimize the occurrence of sediment or impurities that cause the crust. Mix the distilled water with wiper fluid liquid that serves water and lubricate the rubber wiper will sweep, do not use ordinary soap which causes blockage of drains washer
* Check the spray direction and the quantity, if the quantity is too little water penyemrot clean nozzle with a pin. If the nozzle does not give proper directions directed spray nozzles using the needle, essentially clean and adjust the nozzle with a needle in order to function normally
Case of problems with the washer, the handling is as follows:
1. Disconnect the hose that is on the bottom of the reservoir, press the washer switch and check that the water can flow. If not then try to check the drain hose washer on the inside of the hood.
2. When the switch is pressed possibilities pump still does not work, if this is the case check the connectors or cable connections that led to the electric pump
3. Check also the connection piece of functional T dividing the quantity of water sprays

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