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Caring for Rubber and Auto Glass

Caring for Rubber and Auto Glass - Rubber on the often dirty windshield causing the windshield to be sluggish or difficult to be raised or lowered, it is common in the used cars are old enough. Symptoms drag on the car glass can be caused by conditions that have rubber
no longer optimal, usually rubber cracked or broken, it could also be caused by dust on the rubber car.
This time will give you tips on how to clean the dirt on the car window rubber, fairly simple way, the following tools and materials used
* Plastic Bottle
* Hose small
* Brush your teeth
* Wipe clean
* Clean water
* Shampoo
Here's how to clean rubber car door:

1. Lower auto glass and windshield rubber coat coat with enough water, a little brush with a toothbrush. Water used is clean water that entered in plastic bottles which end of a plastic bottle with a hose connected
2. After that lap dirt with a clean cloth
3. Mix the shampoo to the water in the bottle so that the water and blend shampoo, then shampoo as drops ar was on the rubber in the car door that had been in the last lap. After the shampoo water dripped evenly, rubber brush with a toothbrush that had dirt (dust crust) also faded, after sudh dirt wipe again with a clean cloth to dry and was prepared clean

4. At this stage the rubber is clean and glass will be easier to go up or down, if you want a more slick could be covered using SAE 10 oil with higher levels (using the still new), keep the rubber hose to smear with oil and do not forget the lap.
Caring for car rubber

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