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Lebaran Safe Homecoming Tips

Lebaran Safe Homecoming Tips - automotive lovers may plan a homecoming driving? if auto enthusiasts have frequently going home or traveling far between cities may not be much difficulty in terms of preparation, introduction of field, choose the time travel, and supplies on the way. But those who have never certainly should know the things needed when Lebaran or perform
travel far (read: travel tips away). What more if the automotive lovers to travel long distances at night it will be so different preparation (read: travel tips nights)
Below is a preparation that must be done when Lebaran:
Car Preparation
Readiness check or check cars that will be used starting from the machine (read: check the spark plug), Electrical System (read: electrical tips), both lights headlights and turn signal lights and even fog lights, air conditioning, entertainment / entertainment (audio video car) , GPS systems, Aki, Tire Air Pressure (read: tire air pressure), Car legs (read: check the condition of the tires), wiper (read: care wiper), the fuel supply system (check smoothly or not), oil change car (read: good oil change), do not forget to bring automotive enthusiasts service equipment such as car keys
Preparation driver

Preparation includes the condition of the driver good driver condition the body, mind, health, and so forth. To make sure the condition of the driver's body has enough stamina, long trips require a high concentration of drowsiness or fatigue conditions make driving split concentration and cause things like (read: cause of the accident). In addition to drowsiness and fatigue turns psychological factors also affect the safety of the driver in driving away in this case as much as possible to avoid the driver's psychological state is too sad, too afraid, too scared, anxious, angry, depressed, etc. that cause the driver to lose control of his emotions . Adequate rest can minimize the chances of the poor condition of the driver's body and mental rest, they mean enough sleep.
Car Expense
Calculate the maximum load-carrying capacity within safe limits, the load exceeds the capacity of the car can make controlling the car becomes more difficult, especially when passing the bend or the car is at high speed, the risk of accident is multiplied because the brakes and tires work improperly. Many cases of accidents triggered by excess charge (I need not mention here), do not underestimate it. Place the load evenly, do not put weight on one side of the car or even at one corner of it as a car tire has a limit on the carry load, which is the worst possible tire explode if given the uneven load.
Driving Method

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