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Installing Car Solar Film Qualified

Installing Car Solar Film Qualified - Installing window film car today has become a necessity in the car, especially the second car where the function is actually quite a lot of window film include:
1. Sun protective
2. Protect the view from outside the car (safety car related)

3. Strengthen auto glass structure
4. Soothing view of the driver or passenger
5. Beautify your car (what if the glass quality movies)
6. etc.
With so many functions of automotive window film that lovers should be careful in installing window film or selecting an appropriate quality and budget needs-owned cars, now available in the market many types of window film from a high quality up false. Automotive lovers should be wary with this false, fake film because it will not provide protection in accordance with the wishes of automotive enthusiasts as temperatures remain hot despite being installed, or highlight a fluorescent lamp, blocking the view and others.
Some of the ways that can be used in avoiding fake film:
* Check the brand or logo printed window film, window film which is often not fake logo or print neatly in the window film brands.
* Note the ink film, fim-quality glass having a uniform thickness of the same ink, so that if exposed headlights will not break the light.
* Change the color of the glass fil car, the original car window film will remain unchanged in 3 months while for the fake film will change color (dull) within 3 months
* Check the thickness of the film, a quality window film has a thickness of 1.5 to 1.7 micro and stiff to the touch. while the fake window film typically has a thickness smaller and more flexible (very flexible)
* Glass fake movies usually have a price below standard, automotive enthusiasts do not be tempted by the price offered. (See quality)
* Ask for an official warranty card, usually the original film has an official guarantee.
The following are tips on choosing a quality window film by:
1. Know

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