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Daihatsu Luxio Convenient for Families

Daihatsu Luxio Convenient for Families - Daihatsu Luxio is a MPV car low end (lower class) is pretty good its features. Daihatsu Luxio itself is basically a refinement of the Daihatsu Gran Max MB which improved the suspension system or the legs of a car (comfort), Interior (AC, seats, power windows, audio system, etc.), as well as the car's exterior dimensions and features such as lights and so forth.

Differences Luxio and Gran max quite a lot especially on the side of comfort and security, while the second equation is the car I use the machine 3SZ-VE DOHC VVTi engine in which the ability or power both cars are the same, but a matter of convenience Daihatsu Luxio is better of the Daihatsu Gran Max.

Daihatsu Luxio have excess cars that have dimensions large enough compared gran max or another MPV car-Samai up this car can seat up to 11 people. Daihatsu Luxio has dimensions of length 4165 mm, width 1665, height 1915 and Ground Clearance 18 cm in which it is different from the gran max which has dimensions 4405x1665x1900 with a ground clearance of 16.5 cm. This difference results in Luxio passenger capacity of more than gran Low max and other MPV that can carry a larger family.
Daihatsu Luxio than has advantages in terms of other dimensions of Low MPV also has the advantage of using the passenger door design sliding door, it is easy for passengers in and out of the car also makes it easier to insert large enough goods to be loaded into the car cabin.
From the design of the car even though the car is superior to the large dimension but this car does not have a design that is quite stable at the moment is at high speed, the cabin is too high and bongsor body design makes the car difficult to penetrate the speed of 120 km per hour which if imposed the substantial risk (eg as a car exposed to wind, and unsteady voice sounds noisy car tires once inside the cabin)
Significant change of gran max is the suspension system at the front where Luxio been wearing McPherson Struts with coil and stabilizer (used on All New Xenia rear) and rear suspension Luxio to wear 5-axle rigid link with coil where the gran max suspension without a stabilizer, for Alloy Wheels Daihatsu Luxio already using Alloy Wheels with tire sizes bigger than gran max so that the car is also more stable. Daihatsu Luxio also been equipped with fog lights (fog lamp) to illuminate the road as it passes through the extreme weather for gran max whereas without this fog.

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