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Learning to drive a car Matic Driving Tips

Learning to drive a car Matic Driving Tips - Setaleh the previous article we discussed about how to learn a manual transmission car this time we will continue to learn to drive a car matic, if automotive enthusiasts have never learned to drive a car with a manual transmission will not experience
difficulties due to simply adjust or adapt, this car has a different matic transmission system only with a manual car. Most automotive enthusiasts do not have to know the basic functions on the gear teeth or matic car.
In cars with matic transmission, there are 4 kinds of clutch lever position include:
N - D - D2 - L - P - R

N: It is neutral, the position of the car does not go forward or backward though the gas pedal in stampede
D: It is the position of the teeth that is used to advance on the path that tends to flat
D2: clutch lever is used for road climbs or derivative
L: Used for very heavy terrain (steep slope or derivative)
P: Used for parking (it could be as bad)
R: Used for backward
Here's how to learn driving (driving) cars matic:
1. Automotive enthusiasts can hit the brakes in advance to start the car, make sure the gear lever before turning it usually is in P (park)
2. After the engine starts automotive enthusiasts can move teeth into position D if you want to go forward and to R if you want to retreat
3. If the lever is moved for example to D, and slowly release the brakes after the brake pedal off the gas
4. Automotive enthusiasts can also move the gear lever to D2 when going through the rise long enough, if automotive enthusiasts running on very heavy terrain (on manual cars gigi1), automotive lovers can wear the gear lever L
P is used for the transmission lever so that if the car park to use it

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