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Compared Matic Car Manual Advantages Disadvantages

Compared Matic Car Manual Advantages Disadvantages - Cars matic and manual car? automotive lovers may want to review the transmission system again about the car today, so if we know the first car with the transmission system (gear shift) is done manually
using the clutch pedal and the clutch lever in the last 20 years gearshift system (gear box) on the car has been updated with the automatic transmission system known as auto matic.
Technology matic automatic transmission on the car has improved a lot since the last 20 years, most
we do not know the 3 types matic transmission that exist to this day where the latest technology we are familiar with the Double Clutch Gearbox matic transmission, we will first discuss the types matic transmission:

1. Semi Automatic transmission, the transmission system does not use a clutch pedal, although the position of the teeth will still be moved manually, but the driver does not need to step on the clutch pedal
2. Automatic transmission, the transmission system is included in a conventional automatic transmission. The transmission system uses 3 important parts Torque Converter namely, planetary gear units and hydraulic control unit. On the transmission system all components included in the transmission fluid / fluid (oil), known as ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), which uses the car's automatic transmission fluid can usually be seen from the transmission lever using the OD (ie lock button to move the position of the lever transmission of position "P" or the parking lot). 

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