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Suzuki Swift Sport Hothatch Indonesia

Suzuki Swift Sport Hothatch Indonesia - Trend hatchback and City Car indeed endless, after issuing ford Ford Focus is powered Hothatch this time turn 170 Hp Suzuki Swift issued with a much more powerful engine than the other variants. Shown in jakarta fair a few days ago Suzuki Swift Sport which is one variant
Suzuki Swift will be sold in the near future. Hothatch very significantly different in terms of engine capacity than the hatchback in general, if a hatchback is able to issue a power up to 120 hp then Hothacth able to issue a power above 130 hp even be above 200 Hp read; Ford Focus Hothatch
Suzuki Swift Sport was first exhibited at PRJ 2013 a few days ago, the car has attracted attention because informed staff that is large enough 136 Horse Power far greater than the Suzuki Swift GL and GX (see specifications Swift GL and GX). Suzuki Swift Sport is loaded cylinder engine with a capacity of 1600 cc (for comparison only 1500 cc Honda Jazz), Swift Sport is capable of generating a maximum power of 136 hp at 6900 rpm engine speed and torque which has a fairly large: 160 Nm at 4400 rpm engine speed.
Swift Sport has been rapid acceleration namely 8.7 seconds to reach speeds of 100 kilometers per hour from zero speed, the fastest record for hatchback cars still held the All New Honda Jazz RS 1500 cc with 11.1 seconds. As for the car Hothatch class, the Suzuki Swift Sport does not have a super big power among Hothatch average of 2000 cc engined Swift Sport but could quite compete with other Hothatch like the Ford Focus Sport and the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, especially in terms of acceleration or towing car, Swift Sport takes only 8.7 seconds, this is better than ford focus sport that is still struggling at 10 seconds for the fuel consumption problem (fuel) Swift Sport is still not confirmed. Swift Sport is fast enough so that the speeding car on the freeway is capable of reaching speeds of 195 km / hour (not fast enough).
Of the ornaments or features interior and exterior Swift Sport is indeed made better like air conditioning, audio system, navigation system, for example in car safety system is equipped with dual airbags and ABS Brake System + EBD + using ESP. This is reasonable because the price is also quite expensive priced for Suzuki Swift Sport's which is about 300 million, almost equal to the price of the Outlander Sport 325 million (cheapest variant) and the Ford Focus Sport 325 million (cheapest variant).

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