Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

Slalom Championships 2013 held in Surabaya

Slalom Championships 2013 held in Surabaya - Slalom Competition in Indonesia's biggest dislenggarakan in 9 major cities in Indonesia under way, starting in the town of Bandar Lampung 23 March 2013 ago, then followed the desert city of Palembang. To write a single Java Island especially West Java, Djarum Super MLD City Championship 2013 Slalom (Slalom DSM 2013) has dislenggarakan in Bandung last May 25, 2013, while in June it planned to DSM Slalom Championships 2013 will
held in Surabaya on June 22, 2013 DSM arguably Slalom in Surabaya East Java is a series DSM 5 Slalom Championships 2013.

Slalom itself is one of the rapidly growing automotive hobby in recent years, when we often hear offroad course is the automotive hobby in the field across the asphalt better than the muddy, rocky, slopes, watery and so forth. Slalom is the pastime while driving a car on a flat track and swerve to avoid obstacles. Engine noise, exhaust fumes, the sound of screeching tires and tire slip into things that are always there when Slalom competition takes place.

Slalom than as a hobby (refreshing for riders) it requires a special skill that is a very good driving techniques, in addition to control of the steering wheel should not lose control peslalom must also break the concentration of the gas control, clutch and brake balance. Car oversteer and understeer conditions often experienced obstacles to get through almost impassable without understeer or oversteer condition.
Some techniques are widely used, among others:
1. Passing track (hurdles) U-shaped, which is a U-turn with a short turning radius with a fairly high speed.

2. Zig-Zag, run the car zig-zag barriers are installed following the zig-zag with a relatively short distance of obstacles that sometimes force peslalom do understeer or oversteer profitable if it can not be done with regular turn
3. Slide motion Reserve, which is reversed expertise of forward and backward conditions to continue running the

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