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LCGC cars Suzuki Wagon R and Alto

LCGC cars Suzuki Wagon R and Alto - Jakarta Fair is held a few days ago was used suzuki car to introduce a cheap car LCGC after the rule was signed by the government last month. There are 2 new cars registered in the category LCGC Suzuki showcased the Suzuki Wagon R and Suzuki Alto, special for Suzuki
Alto is still yet to be named Indonesia while the Alto itself is the name of a car that exhibited American and European versions (this car in the U.S. and Europe called Alto).
The two new cars are planned to be issued no later than the year 2014 (the fastest car in LCGC have no or 0%).

front), which is the average car or Agya LCGC like Ayla will be issued no later than 2014. If you see this car market segment LCGC there who have come out as the Mitsubishi Mirage, but the cars that have come out LCGC class price is still quite high because it is still burdened with a sales tax on luxury (luxury sales for 2014
In addition to introducing suzuki Wagon R and Alto, several automotive manufacturers are also poised to produce this LCGC cars like the Chevrolet (GM), Tata, Datsun and Honda. while automotive manufacturers are already producing cars LCGC but sold at the tax burden, among others:
- Mitsubishi Mirage
- Honda Brio
While car manufacturers have made cars LCGC but not sold due consideration and price regulation are: Toyota Agya and Daihatsu Ayla.

Practical Indonesia in the coming months will be flooded with cheap cars fuel efficient (get ready to wait), these cars all have the most wasteful fuel consumption 1:20 (not economical, such as motorcycles). Price this car will compete at the level of 100 million down, while some interior ornamentation such as AC, Power Steering, Power Window, Audio Systems, Silencer cabins, and others have also reduced their quality can even be eliminated.
According to sources from the electronic media that some fellow Suzuki Wagon R due out in the near future (this month or next month), will replace the Suzuki Wagon R Suzuki Karimun Estilo Suzuki Alto while going out after the Wagon R (possibly late in 2013 or early 2014) .
Specifications Suzuki Wagon R
* Cylinder capacity: 998 cc or 1000 cc
* Number of Cylinders: 3
* Power: 68 hp at 6200 rpm engine speed

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