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Honda Brio MPV Coming Out

Honda Brio MPV Coming Out - Honda will soon issue a new product to the class MPV cars under the Honda Brio MPV that competes with Avanza, Xenia, Suzuki Ertiga, Mazda and Chevrolet VX-1 Spin. Honda does not have a lower-class MPV cars at a price below 200 million despite memuliki Freed and Odyssey
were sold at a price of 200 to 400 millions. Low MPV car number below 200 million that came out in 2013, this makes Honda Prospect Motor not want to miss, launching Honda Brio MPV is scheduled to be released in 2014 that will soon be promoted to the possibilities out in the mid or end of 2013.
Honda Brio MPV will have a passenger capacity of 7 people with the interior features under honda freed, almost certainly the car is sold for between 150 million (the lowest) to 215 million (the most expensive) depending on the variant Honda Brio MPV. Possibility for the cheapest variant without the airbags and some other features are reduced, while the best variant Honda Brio MPV is equipped Airbags, Alloy wheels, ABS brakes EBD, Automatic air conditioning, and safety features Entertaiment better.
To estimate engine uses Brio MPV Honda Freed 1500 CC engine or engines of 1300 cc Honda Brio, Honda brio advantage of MPV MPV is going to be a new, more efficient or fuel-efficient than other Low as Avanza Xenia MPV Ertiga and Mazda VX1 Chevy Spin. The plan of this car will also be designed to have a wider cabin than its rivals because it follows the market trend which lead to the ability to transport (passenger capacity) it is said to be directly by the general manager of Honda Prospect Motor.

Brio MPV (approximate design of some electronic media)
So for automotive enthusiasts that have a plan to have the new MPV car late this year or early in 2013 could wait for the Honda Brio MPV, look at the engine specifications and the honda historically always produced quality car Brio estimate this MPV will compete with Avanza if it has the same dimensions and the price of the same (because some people are getting bored with avanza).
Read also competitors Brio MPV cars that already exist:
* Suzuki Ertiga Matic
* Mazda VX-1
* Chaevrolet Spin
* Avanza Veloz
* Daihatsu Xenia
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FarhanThursday, May 16, 2013 at 12:50:00 AM AKDT
This is already my mpv tunggu2, reportedly because long already. I as the owner honda freed welcomed. In my opinion anyway brio engine should use it, but the power on and the output torque is reduced slightly raised slightly, like honda freed the energy of jazz minus 2 hp and torque plus a 5 hp on jazz. Because mpv definitely heavier weights.


Eko WiyonoFriday, May 17, 2013 at 2:55:00 AM AKDT
ane also waiting for the boss, hope ya pas collected money :-)


AnonymousFriday, May 17, 2013 at 1:04:00 AM AKDT
grand livina wrote dehh ... very economical ...


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