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How to Clean the Car Air Filter

How to Clean the Car Air Filter - air filter on the car is quite an important role in maintaining the energy generated by the car, because the car air filters are used to filter air entering the combustion chamber. Air quality can improve both engine performance power and engine life expectancy, good quality air is the air is clean (no dirt or dust) and air with cooler temperatures.

Air quality
The air is clean (no dust and dirt) will maintain a clean combustion chamber without intruding dust or other substances such as diesel fumes, polluted air can cause a heap of scaly patch on the cylinder wall where the car acceleration consequently be reduced because combustion is less than perfect . Another consequence caused if the air entering the cylinder walls are dirty should be cleaned frequently and have a risk cacadnya cylinder wall.
Air with low temperature (cold) would be better than a hot air because cold air has greater air density and have a greater oxygen content in the same volume of hot air. Sufficient oxygen can help in the process of fuel combustion in the combustion chamber so that the combustion of fuel becomes easier to do, otherwise if combustion can lead to substandard car brebet even less power or strike.
To get the cold air then the car must be equipped with a pipe CAI (Cold Air Intake), which is a kind of pipe that serves draws air from the bottom and cold at the same time it also makes it more before entering the filter. For the record cold air more gathered at the bottom (near the ground), it is associated with a specific gravity greater cold air and hot air are below. To get the cool air base CAI pipe should be placed as low as possible to the ground (usually mounted on the lower front bumper) is usually installed by an expert so neat.

In addition to clean air and cool the incoming air volume also affects the performance of the engine, the more air that enter, the better the combustion that occurs in the combustion chamber, to increase the volume of air that can enter using multiple options to modify the air filter.
Choosing the Right Air Filter
This time will compare car air filter types and Open Pod Drop In, open pod air filter has advantages in its ability to permeate the air with a large capacity, as a result of air entering the combustion chamber more than drop-in air filter what type of air filter is standard so the acceleration of the car (pull / power) is better than the drop-in air filter and Standards. 

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