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Fuel Fuel Saver Tool

Fuel Fuel Saver Tool - Stationary fuel or fuel saver on a car or motorcycle may be an old issue, but until now still warm to discuss because almost every year popping up these fuel saving devices. This article is taken from a variety of sources, but more
many uses sources from the old site priyadi (dot) net ever do a critical review of the fuel saver mushrooming in Indonesia.
In America alone there are institutions called EPA where one of its functions is to test the fuel efficiency of cars sold in the U.S., the agency then tried to do some research and test products that claimed to save fuel cars. Meanwhile, one of the consumer protection agency in the United States also test various fuel saving device, the name of the institution is the FTC.

An initial question raised is "why automakers do not make a tool of first fuel saver can save up to tens of percent with a relatively inexpensive tool prices between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars? Anyway if it is installed then the cost of production is very low with considerable savings significant "

Type Fuel Saver
According to the FTC and EPA in the U.S., there are a variety of tools that is claimed by the manufacturer to save fuel, below are the type of fuel saving devices are investigated with the results penelitiaannya:
1. Tool to force air into the carburetor car or motorcycle, there are 22 tools in testing and there is only one tool that can provide fuel savings

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