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Tips on Car Brakes and Steep Winding Mountain Road

Tips on Car Brakes and Steep Winding Mountain Road - automotive lovers who like to mountain areas must have known very well the problem tracks winding climb or descent, for those who still lay on the road like this would have to understand how to do the proper braking at the track meet as Here you are. Some things that
automotive lovers should note the current through the winding road down to the character continually menenus is:
1. Look at the condition of the road as far as possible or as large as possible to reduce the deceleration is sudden (fast), do slow down in the flat or sloping surfaces.
2. Take advantage of the engine brake (transmission), using a car with a manual transmission will be very useful when the car in a state like this, the use of transmission (gear) appropriate to reduce the car's speed and ease working brake (brake) on the car.
3. Do not step on the brake with continuous (use the engine brake), if the brakes in a continuous stampede the disc can be heated (the temperature increase in the brake system) in which it can reduce the quality of the sudden braking when needed.
4. If the driver feels the brakes are not able to work with a maximum (happens fading brake) car driver better rest while eating first :-) (30 minutes to 1 hour) so that the temperature dropped and the position of the brake into metal (pads, discs, brake fluid, and etc.) to be normal. avoid cooling the components in a way flush water as it can damage the components

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