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Truck Mitsubishi Fuso Colt Diesel FE 73 110 Ps

Truck Mitsubishi Fuso Colt Diesel FE 73 110 Ps - automotive lovers looking for the truck? This time my car will review one of the mitsubishi truck output Truck Fuso Colt Diesel FE 73 110 Ps. The car is quite reliable both in terms of personnel, sales, purchase price and spare parts. This car is suitable for an individual business or transporting goods for large volume
such as farm products and industrial products. Fuso Truck This type is less suitable for transporting heavy goods such as metals and other minerals such as mining, stone, sand, cement and others. To lift heavy items with larger type there are other types that Fuso Colt Diesel FE 74 HD 125 Ps we will review it later on FE 74 HD 125 Ps.
Truck Fuso Colt Diesel FE 73 110 Ps is the cheapest truck variant that uses 6 wheels, version mitsubishi truck is the cheapest FE 71 but only use 4 wheel where it is most influential on the strength of the car carrying the load. For power (performance engine) car truck FE 73 has the same specs with the 110 FE 71 Ps (horsepower), a power of 110 PS This is the smallest car from Mitsubishi for the type of truck types, but is very fulfilling if only for SMEs only his car was definitely more economical and less than powerful.
Truck Mitsubishi FE 73 is sold only + machine + head + wheel chassis, meaning the mitsubishi sell this car without the tub where it will facilitate customization to the buyer to choose the type of bath (timber, box, iron, ironing open / closed etc. other). Truck dimensions without the body is to have a total length of 5960 mm, width of the car is 1870 mm and 2130 mm high car (rather long not 6 meters), this car has a minimum turning radius of 7 meters. Colt Diesel FE 73 car has a wheelbase of 3350 mm and has a ground clearance of 20 cm height, in general exterior dimensions of the car which has a fuel tank capacity of 100 liters is quite large with sufficient payload capability.
Features in the cabin Mitsubishi Colt Diesel FE 73 is fairly well equipped with air conditioning, audio system, power steering and tilt steering make the car handling is light and comfortable. Car gear lever is also quite convenient to use because it uses a type of upright attached to the dashboard of a car, have a pretty good drawer with a soft drink on the dashboard. In the cabin can accommodate 2 to 3 passengers with seat belts 2 pieces (one for driver and one for the passenger next to the driver), part of the chair can also be set upright or not to add to driver comfort while long journey.
Engines and Performance
Mitsubishi Fuso Colt Diesel FE 73 110 Ps is wearing cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 3908 cc, capable of producing maximum power of 110 ps at 2900 rpm and has a torque of 28 kgm (about 275 Nm) at 1600 rpm Rp

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