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Jimny Tough Offroad Car Crickets

Jimny Tough Offroad Car Crickets - Jimny jimny cricket or often called the Corkscrew is an SUV (formerly called JIP) is very popular in the 80's, when it was a competitor jimny hardtop and Taft Kebo. Suzuki Jimny in contrast to rivals that use cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of up to 3500 cc, this mini SUV car only has a cylinder capacity of 800 to 1300 cc petrol engine but with problems in the field of off-road capability is depraved car also
highly qualified.
Some Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny actually first came out in 1968 with the name or so-called Jimny LJ10 course, this first generation jimny car has a small size, the shape is rigid with the location of the spare tire behind the driver's seat. LJ10 has no roof on the cabin, LJ10 is the hallmark of the windshield can be folded forward.

Jimny Jimny LJ80V known as Crickets out starting in 1977 until 1981, the car was put on 800 cc engine, the cabin has a roof, windshield can not be folded, spare tire placed behind the car (outside cabin). LJ80V or Jimny Cricket is highly sought because the price is cheap and the engine is strong and the car body, the car is used for adventure across the heavy fields such as muddy (offroad lecherous) and slope-steep grades.

SJ410 Jimny, this car also has the most fans, wearing a 1000 cc engine was issued starting in 1982 and evolved until finally died in 2007 with the name of Suzuki Jimny Katana. 1982 SJ410 has a better shape than the first generation Jimny (LJ10 and LJ80) by eliminating the stiff corners of the car, Jimny SJ410 year old (1982) there are still many who use 4-wheel drive 4x4. Much sought after collectors and hobbyists to race off-road adventurer or just take a walk through the woods or dirt road. Jimny car prices are also quite expensive (as many are looking for) what more if the special condition of the car above the price could reach 60 million. SJ410 year-old body can still use the material

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