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Suzuki Baleno Used Car Offers

Suzuki Baleno Used Car Offers

Suzuki Baleno - Lovers Automotive surely still remember the sedan car output Suzuki 1996 to 1999 "Suzuki Baleno", is the sister car of the Suzuki Esteem been reviewed in a previous article. Was the star in the late 90's because the car is quite reliable engine and has a suspension problem
which is quite good at that time I myself have felt this car.
Early emergence of this car as a successor esteem is preferred because it has been equipped with features that are fairly complete from power steering, tilt steering, central door lock, electric mirrors, electric windows, seatbelts on all seats. 2000's second generation car Baleno out called Suzuki Baleno Next G, then back out the 2003 version of the latest Suzuki Neo Baleno Baleno, but for this time we will discuss more Suzuki Baleno course
Excess Suzuki Baleno

Exterior Baleno
The car carrying the 1600 cc engine in which the cylinder capacity 1600 cc engine is said to have enough power, acceleration of this car is best among suzuki sedan even when compared Baleno Next G.
Baleno fuel consumption is not too extravagant combination of the road 1:11. Suzuki Baleno is quite competitive when compared to other cars in the same class Baleno, at least between price and quality comparison Baleno car for sale pretty cheap.
Baleno car models or body is also still quite pretty so there are many who are interested in this car. In the interior of the car is also quite comfortable with the extent of making the car cabin passengers in the car menrasa not claustrophobic.
Baleno engine also known reliable and stubborn. As long car course this car more and more have a lot of problems when compared with when he was still new, the next is the lack Suzuki Baleno

Interior Suzuki Baleno

Weakness Suzuki Baleno
Baleno weakness is most commonly experienced in the legs of a car, the car's suspension is due to several issues need to be addressed as per the already soft, audible sound when turning or on uneven roads, meaning that if this drive should be careful if you do not m

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