Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

All New Avanza has Airbags

All New Avanza has Airbags - latest info about again surprised the automotive world with the addition of airbags on the All New Avanza variants namely the All New Avanza Velos. Intense competition among automakers homeland has made toyota
enough thought to add features to its MPV Low car so as not to fall behind, especially in terms of safety, namely the presence of Suzuki Ertiga and Chevy Spin that previously equipped with better safety systems (airbags and ABS brakes).
Avanza has airbags are now officially on sale yesterday in the big city dealers like jakarta, while for small towns such as poor we still do not see this car. For other features dibenah is an improvement on the car seat with a cloth bandage over more qualified than ever so comfortable and soft, while the other features unchanged.

The addition of these airbags have an impact on increasing the selling price of the car about 3 million dollars from the previous, Avanza lovers certainly quite spoiled with the kind of safety features as airbags and ABS brakes while increasing the comfort of the car also improve the image quality becomes.
To see Specifications All New Avanza has previously we review here
As for seeing the rival of avanza also have our commentator at:
* Ertiga Matic
* Chevy Spin

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