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Easy ways Checks Used Car Suspension

Easy ways Checks Used Car Suspension - Check the suspension on a used car can be done in various ways ranging from a fairly complicated way to a simple or easy, this time will give you some tips or how easy (easy) check or
check suspension (shock absorber) used car, here are his tips:
1. View posture car / car while high on perkir or placed on a flat or a flat, high see if the car leaning to one such car right front leg (good suspension is evenly distributed on all four wheels). Check one by one the distance between the tires with the car body, measure and equate the right front tire to the left of the front tires, rear tires equate the right with the left rear tire (tire typically has a distance to either side of the same car body / symmetric).
2. Cheque bounce power (mental) Shock or suspension car, press one by one the corners of the car down, good suspension when pressed gives mental power or the same bounce.

3. The third easy way is to check the bottom of the car (suspension / legs), check if there is oil seepage or dripping wet suspension. If there is visible oil likely leaked oil suspension.
4. Check the steering system especially related to wheels, entered the wheelhouse (engine off), turn the steering wheel to the right and left to feel for any cracks or oblakan (free play) is large, the fewer the better free play system link with the steering wheel.
5. Start the car and tried to run past the speed bump, shock bouncy feel (swing car) as it passes through bumps bumps, if the swing car (bouncy shock) only once means shock is still good, if many times or many means shock requiring repair
6. Voices also check the current passing through potholes or bumps, usually on suspension problems often found sounds (gluduk-gluduk)
For more tips about the suspension of this car has a lot we review, please see the previous articles. Trims
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AnonymousTuesday, May 28, 2013 at 8:36:00 PM AKDT
Om, mo wondering shock front wheels of my car is not the same distance from the body height. What should I do it? Thanks enlightenment. Abu - holy

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