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Cheap Car Loans or Lightweight

Cheap Car Loans or Lightweight - good cheap car loans used car or new car has become more difficult with Bank Indonesia regulations that provide or limit the amount of credit limit. We will try to review in more detail about the system or the business in order to find a way to get a cheap car loan or mild.
Dealers to submit credit / bank?
If applying for a loan car automotive lovers then actually applying for a loan to automotive enthusiasts bank (bank financial institutions) or financial institution (bank financial institutions), while later the financial institution will buy a car from a dealer in cash (bailed out first) then the financial institution will sell the car to prospective buyers.

Financial institutions are not taking advantage of the difference in the sale price but of interest, which we proposed, while dealers benefit from sales to financial institutions (meaning we actually credit mengajuka when dealing with financial institutions and not the dealer).
Business profits

Almost all retail businesses to implement policies to take advantage of 10% to 20% of the purchase price, while the wholesale business to take advantage of 2.5% to 5% of the capital employed. Car dealers including retail businesses so to cars purchased from ATPM 100 million it expected profit of 10 to 20 million, then the selling price of the car by the dealer to be 110 million to 120 million.
Financial institutions usually take advantage of interest rate of 50% in 3 years or if used as the monthly interest rate is 1.38%, the financial institution will impose an interest rate of 1.38% per month. So for example, our car loans cost 110 million, DP 30 million, the bank financed 80 million, it is the bank's expected profit of 80 million that could be 120 million within 3 years. So roughly installments
charged is 120 million / 36 months = is 3,333 million dollars.
Selecting and Applying Offer
From the above presentation about the benefits of dealers and banks (financial institutions) we can actually choose and bid on the dealer or the bank (lender).

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