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Many Used Car Most Wanted

Many Used Car Most Wanted - Used cars most sought until this article was written is still dominated by cars like the Avanza MPV type or deer Innova, while for the price range of a used car is the most sought-after cars under 100 million output in 2005 or older . Used car lot next look is kind of cars like the Honda Jazz city car, while the new car is still dominated the top of the MPV type car. Here are
some of the most sought-after used car:
Used Cars Under 100 Million
* Avanza 2004, this car has a lot of fans because the price is cheap enough at around 100 million or even lower to touch 90 million. The appeal of this car is the passenger capacity, powerful engines, spare parts are readily available and the fuel consumption is not too extravagant. Read reviews of the latest Avanza

* Daihatsu Xenia in 2005, this car is almost the same as that in the range avanza price slightly below avanza, the ability of the engine is not as tough as avanza (slightly lower) but the car xenia searched for: more economical fuel consumption, passenger capacity quite a lot, the price cheap and abundant spare parts. Read reviews Xenia here

* Suzuki Carry, car type minibus / microbus former, many are looking for, as well as the price is affordable as well as passenger capacity to fit the contents of 8-9 passengers. Suzuki Carry used car prices are the most expensive because the price of 100 million new cars of this type there are selling at a price of 102 million, this car has another advantage in that recalcitrant machine and light pull, carry automobile spare parts are also available aplenty even in availability car spare parts is among the most a lot of other cars like (deer, avanza, etc.), the car is mostly used for public transportation so that the number of cars and car spare parts very much (suzuki carry: review)

* Former Kijang, this car also has a rabid fan, in addition to engine strength (stubborn / durable) as well as the passengers were pretty much fit (8 people). Market price

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