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Sitting Position While Driving

Sitting Position While Driving - The driving position or known as Driving Position is set as ideal driving position possible while driving. Seated driving position associated with at least 4 things: safety, comfort, control,
Driving Safety
* Distance body with the steering system should ideally not too far and not too close, the distance is too much prone to lose control of the steering wheel, while the distance is too close will be difficult for the driver when maneuvering, especially to reach the closest distance to the steering wheel body. For cars with a narrow wheelhouse will be felt even less elbow room also.

* The ideal distance average is 25 cm, while I know we are the ideal distance to measure the furthest distance the steering wheel and make sure we can reach them, to make sure we reach the benchmark used to measure the wrist with the body furthest distance the steering wheel, the steering wheel is usually the furthest there at the top of the steering wheel (12 o'clock). adjust the position of the driver's seat so that the seat belt mounted though we still can reach the farthest position of the steering wheel.
* As much as possible put a hand on the 9 and 3 o'clock positions, it is associated with ease of maneuver when the hand position at 3 and 9 o'clock
* In the stir try holding your thumb is outside the circumference of the steering wheel, the thumb position on the steering wheel is quite difficult when needed immediate reaction, and prone to injury when road conditions are less good.
Driving comfort

Driving comfort is good enough to maintain the condition of the driver in top shape for a long time, it was time to travel far with quite a long time. Some of the things that became points, among others:
* The position of the hands, adjust the position of the hand in order to reach all possisi steering wheel (how like the steering wheel with a set distance above the body).
* The position of the foot, try bending the legs are not too tired because it is faster and less good blood circulation. Long distance is a bad idea because it can be difficult to reach when the clutch pedal, to measure the distance, when the clutch pedal heel position can still reach the cabin floor (right distance)
Control here include control over the external environment such broad visibility, and control over the car's interior instrument.
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