Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

Cause brebet machine on Cars

Cause brebet machine on Cars - Car brebet and this happens often enough to bother us on the way, because usually after the car brebet cars sometimes stop or even stomping. Brebet on cars in general are caused by disruption of the ignition system and fuel supply system, we will try to identify from
Where did this brebet that could eventually overcome this problem brebet.
Ignition system

If your car brebet then first check that the car ignition system which is linked to the ignition system coil car, car spark plug wires and spark plugs. Usually the car ignition is less than perfect due to the leakage of fire (ignition) which we know it can be a way to check at night (dark conditions), turn on the engine and look for leaks where the location of the fire (usually visible). If a leak automatic ignition engines can not burn all the fuel entering the engine (ignition is not enough) so that the car be brebet.
Signs Ignition leaking car is if the car is started and the driver do the gearshift and then brebet symptoms appear, it is an indication that the ignition poor who can not afford to burn all the fuel going into the engine, the result is an oversupply of fuel.
Fuel System

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