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Private gas stations Tips and Pasti Pas

Private gas stations Tips and Pasti Pas - Automotive lovers may already know that many gas stations than stations owned by Pertamina (the government) also has a lot managed by the private sector, even the number of privately-run gas stations far more than the government's (Pertamina). Various opinions say that pumping gas at Gas Stations Government has better quality
compared to gasoline at the pump to fill the private good in terms of quality of gasoline (octane rating), the service, and some other things.
Although basically both premium and pertamax fuel in Indonesia in imports by the company that Pertamina will but not only pertamina retailernya are doing, even if an individual has enough money to make a 3-10 M pump. This makes the dilemma if the employer honestly does not matter to the consumer, if the entrepreneur has a few gas stations that are less good intentions to get a fast return on investment must be very detrimental to consumers.
Government and Private gas station code
The entire existing Petrol Station in Indonesia is divided into 3 based on the management and ownership, among others:
1. COCO (Corporate Corporate Owned Operated), which is owned by Pertamina gas stations run by Pertamina itself.
2. Codo (Company Owned Dealer Operated), the land use cooperation to build a gas station
3. DODO (Dealer Owned Dealer Operated), privately owned gas stations
we will try to find out whether the ownership of gas stations owned or privately-owned Pertamina, the ownership can be known by reading the code shown on the front neonbox usually red.
Of the 3 types of filling stations in the above, according to the majority of the best people is the number 1 followed by number 2 and the last 3 numbers, automotive enthusiasts can learn / Fuel to distinguish it from surrounding code and logo on Petrol Stations
Distinguishing Pertamina gas stations categorized or Private:
* Gas ​​station owned Pertamina (COCO) has a code number to two is 1

* Codo type pump or pump with DODO has a code number to 2 is 4
We only need to look at the numbers to 2 at the gas station code to distinguish the COCO with others.
Private-owned gas stations differentiate (DODO) with another (or Codo COCO), the way is to look at the logo Pasti Pas.
* Logo Pasti Pas pas

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