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All New Kia Sorento Features and Specs

All New Kia Sorento Features and Specs - All New Kia Sorento SUV is the latest car in april 2013, a group including all-terrain vehicle with a considerable stock of features and modern in comfort, security (safety), engine performance, entertainment and others. This car though classified in type SUV but has the ability
quite well in the fields on the road (do not lose comfort), the concept of all-new Sorento seeks to provide a balance between offroad and onroad trips with 50:50 percent (still comfortable on paved roads, but can be driven on off-road terrain).

Some excellent features (premium) to offer this car as panoramic designs in cars, dual climate control with air conditioning, adaptive headlights (when turning), internet and audio systems that support a variety of devices such as AUX and Ipod. Another advantage is the power of this car is capable of delivering up to 176 PS of maximum power at 6000 rpm engine speed (including powerful example than the All New Fortuner VNT only has a power 144 hp), maximum torque of 23 kgm at 3750 rpm engine speed. With a powerful combination of engine performance and support for features like comfort on the car is targeted at executives who have a solid level of mobility where the car is also claimed to be as comfortable as a sedan, we'll know more later after discussing with depth.
All New Sorento dimensions length 4685 mm, width 1885 mm, height 1700 mm, and has a wheelbase of 2700 mm (fairly large car), all-new Kia Sorento has a maximum passenger capacity of 7 people and is able to carry loads up to 100 kg of goods.

This car design first saw was impressed gallant and high ground clearance on cars (like) so impressive that this car is a car adventurers, the difference is quite pronounced with another SUV is is design for

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