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Distinguishing Fake and Original Oil

Distinguishing Fake and Original Oil - Choosing oil is a pretty important thing in your vehicle or car, for example the lack of proper oil viscosity grade oil or material will greatly affect the performance of the engine (performance) even oil that does not fit can damage the components in
car engine which would you spend to fix it.
Basically, according to the author there are 3 things to consider in choosing oil, among others:
1. Customize your car with oil material specification car, for example, for racing cars typically use synthetic oil because it has more capabilities in terms lumbrikasi, if for commercial cars typically use mineral oil because it is more durable and does not easily evaporate read
2. Adjust the oil code to the specifications requested by your car, engine oil specification is usually listed on the car's manual. it is associated with the viscosity or viscosity cars. For old cars in the 90's for example the oil is different from the cars in 2013 which is related to engine technology continues to evolve, if the old car with the oil given current technology it is possible to decrease engine performance (so use oil code to the specifications requested cars) read
3. Avoid fake oil, according very dangerous fake oil in a car engine, because the fake oil certainly has qualities that are very far from the original could even damage the engine. The fake oil viscosity has an irregular degree, from which oil was also not taken into account so that the oil in the specification will be different from the outer packaging. If the auto lovers is to identify the fake oil then do not put the machine, the better disposed and buy new oil at an authorized dealer or repair shop that has a good reputation.
In this regard it will discuss how we can know whether the oil is genuine or fake by the way apart. The following is how to distinguish fake oil with original oil:

* Checks da fake oil

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