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Car engine vibrate or White Smoke

Car engine vibrate or White Smoke - Problems often occur in a car engine is a decrease in engine performance such as power / acceleration, greater vibration machine, until the appearance of white smoke to car exhaust. This time we will discuss about how to identify the symptoms and damage to the machine through a little examination.
It often occurs in car engines are crippled engine and white smoke, engine limping here means
there is an imbalance in the combustion chamber (cylinder) in which the car engine car typically has 4 or more cylinders, if 1 of the 4 cylinder engine is problematic to say limp. This crippled the machine can be caused by several things such as dead plugs, clogged injectors, compression pressure that is weaker on one cylinder.
While the release of white smoke in the exhaust caused by wear of automobile components piston rings or valve seals, wear of piston rings or valve seals will cause the leakage of oil from the engine combustion chamber to the engine so that the oil caught fire, and the result of the burning of the oil is white smoke coming out through car exhaust.
Discharge of white smoke and the conditions that crippled car engine usually makes compression in the combustion chamber (cylinder) car is reduced, if the compression is reduced, the combustion of fuel becomes ineffective, and wasteful of reduced energy fuel. To know where the damage or problems with the machine, we will identify the compression.
Following the decline affecting compression engine:
* Cylinder Head Gasket leak or burn
* Cylinder Block cracked
* Piston cracked or perforated
* Seal leaky valve
* Cylinder Head Block cracked or warped
* Valve leak
* Ring Piston worn or leaking
To know which cylinder is leaking pressure (decrease compression) can use the compression gauge Compression Tester, as the pressure records for diesel and petrol cars different compression diesel cars which is much larger than a gasoline engine, the following principle: 

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