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New Daihatsu Xenia Price and Specifications

New Daihatsu Xenia Price and Specifications - Daihatsu Xenia is a 7-seater MPV car underclass issued since 2004, car sales are almost the same with Avanza MPV market-leading low end since issued, in the year 2012 was issued last updated version of the Daihatsu Xenia the All New Xenia. All New Xenia remains essentially an earlier concept as a cheap car that is able to bring a lot of
passenger, the only change made to the design of the exterior and interior of the car while the machine does not change.
Although the change is only in the design xenia but this will only make the xenia appear more alluring that many consumers want to have this car, what price is offered cheap enough that between 130 million (lowest version) to 185 million (highest version). Here is a picture for pricing details daihatsu all new xenia on the road in 2013

Automotive enthusiasts also must be smart if you want to buy this car what more if you buy a used car xenia because the type and price of the car All New Xenia is very varied, there were 14 new variants are sold in Xenia Daihatsu dealer price range is pretty good. Note the correct variant All New Xenia before buying, and then match it to the over-priced.

All New Daihatsu Xenia has a different exterior design with daihatsu xenia (predecessor) xenia changed almost the entire body (slimmer) ranging from the design of the front lights (headlamp), fog lights, bumper design, the exterior design of the car to the rear of the car. Several design advantages over its predecessor All New Xenia (xenia) is:
* Stylish Headlamp, where the headlights look more stylish and has a level pencahay

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