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Mazda VX1 Features Advantages Price

Mazda VX1 Features Advantages Price

Mazda VX-1 - 1 month was again surprised the automotive market with the emergence of new Mazda MPV VX1, after the emergence Ertiga chevrolet matic and shake the dominance of spin-twin car avanza xenia, now adding Mazda VX1 Low MPV car competition. Mazda VX1 has
similarities with that said twin Suzuki Ertiga Ertiga. No wonder it is because Mazda Corp in collaboration with Suzuki Corp to create a sister car to take market Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia. Mazda MPV Low End VX1 is going but it has very good quality.

Mazda VX-1 is made using either the basic or platform Ertiga exterior design, interior and engine similar to that of Ertiga, but with some modifications to the interior, exterior slightly with the addition of quite a lot of the safety features with the use of dual airbags and ABS EBD Brake. we will review this car out.
Mazda VX-1 has an exterior design that can be said to be the same as the Suzuki Ertiga, the difference is only on the bold design of the front bumper, fog lamp design using chrome, and of course the Mazda logo that attaches to the front grille and the rear of this car

VX1 has a long dimension of 4265 mm, width 1695 mm, height 1685, has a length of 2740 mm wheelbase and turning radius VX-1's car is 5200 mm. Car which has a capacity of 7 passengers is designed as the exterior is quite functional in design with multi-reflector halogen headlamp, fog lamp to help light the extreme weather, the side body using curved body for aerodynamic stability of the car as it slid to the air at high speed, turn signal in mirrors which adds to the impression of fresh / luxury and the use of lightweight aluminum alloy wheels and stable at high speeds.

Mazda VX1 same in terms of comfort / features distinctive interior with Suzuki Ertiga, preferring the stylish and spacious rooms that support the convenience of passengers, Mazda VX-1 is also equipped with a silencer NVH technology

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