Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

All New Mazda6 Sedan with Latest Technology

All New Mazda6 Sedan with Latest Technology - All New Mazda6 is a sedan type car that was issued by Mazda Motor Indonesia this month of April in 2013, the car is equipped with the latest technology many call it the I-Stop technology (which had embedded in
Premium MPV car with the limited edition Mazda Biante i-stop), i ELOOP technology the car braking system by taking the kinetic energy of the vehicle speed to be stored as electrical energy that can be directly used in electrical devices (such as lights, wipers, and other audio- other), and a variety of the latest technology which we will consider.
Mazda6 design takes the concept of Motion Kodo-SOUL meaningful balance between the exterior design of the human emotions, modern design with an emotional appeal to the car (a hybrid of human and machine) is the concept of the product offered mazda All New Mazda6 Sedan.
This car looks to have a solid body means converges on all elements of the exterior with an emotional appeal that is strong enough on the experience of driving a fast and elegant sedan. The first time I saw this car we will be on view 4 things the car legs (wheels and tires), headlamp and foglamp design front grille, body height and the roof of the car. At the foot of the car is equipped with 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels (very stable for high speed). Served on the front grille and bumper design with a very sporty car with a plus elegant aesthetic curves and the curve-curve has a function that supports the lighting performance car. Headlamp design that looks a bit narrow but able to give a light beam wider than other cars thanks to the bumper design that fits headlamp and foglamp All New Mazda6.
On the body as a whole features ekste

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